Events archive

Nov. 18, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Tomoyo Morita: “Functional roles of inter-regional inhibition in the human brain.” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Nov. 11, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Ehsan Alizadehkashtiban: “Objective Evaluation of Pain by EEG” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Nov. 7, 2022  58th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Serge Dumoulin “A vision of (numerical) cognition: neural mechanisms of numerosity” On-line & In-person (Sign-up required)
Oct. 26, 2022  57th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Sungshin Kim “Recent neuroimaging studies of human motor control and learning in Korea” On-line & In-person (Sign-up required)
Oct. 21, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Kazufumi Hosoda: “Discussion about “11th CiNet General Conference” and annual update on our group” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Oct. 14, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Seiji Nakagawa: “Elucidation of Mechanisms of Bone-conduction Perception and its Applications to Communication Devices” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Oct. 7, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Satoshi Nishida: “Brain-information integration to make AI behavior more human-like” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Sep. 30, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Makoto Osanai: “Quantitative activation-induced manganese-enhanced MRI (qAIM-MRI) can visualize the history of neural activities in the whole brain of a freely moving animal” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Sep. 16, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Keita Suzuki: “Validation of OPM-MEG system using multi-task experiments” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Sep. 9, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Masayuki Hirata: “Implantable brain machine interface” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jul. 22, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Tomoyuki Namima: “Functional organization for object shape in macaque visual area V4” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jul. 15, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Toshiki Okumura: “Odor representation in ensemble patterns of human primary olfactory cortex modulated by verbal labels revealed by 7T fMRI.” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jul. 8, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Mikio Hasegawa: “Ultra-Fast Optimization by Coherent Ising Machine and its Application to Wireless Communication Systems” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jul. 6, 2022  56th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Ganesh Gowrishankar “The ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how many’ of functional embodiment by the brain” (for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jun. 17, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Shuichi Nishio: “Interactive robots for older adults” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jun. 10, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Hideyuki Shimonishi: “Beyond 5G vision and probabilistic digital twin” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jun. 3, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Bayu Gautama Wundari: “Cross-correlation and cross-matching binocular disparity representations across the human visual cortex” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
May 27, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Hiroyuki Iizuka: “Understanding self and others through sensory deep predictive learning in shared-module network.” (On-line: Sign-up required)
May 20, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Yuji Kawai: “Learning model of motor timing and patterns using a modular random neural network” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Apr. 22, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Makoto Fukushima: “Packetization improves communication efficiency in brain networks with high-speed and low-cost propagation strategies” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Apr. 8, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Shigeru Kitazawa:“Omoroi Kenkyu for myself” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Mar. 4, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Ferdinand Peper: “Neuro-inspired communication based on InterSpike Intervals” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Feb. 25, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Ayumu Yamashita: “Brain mechanism in sustained attention” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Feb. 18, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Aya Ihara: “Evaluation of language comprehension based on EEG” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Feb. 1, 2022  The 7th CiNet Conference: New horizons in brain mapping (Feb. 1-3)
Jan. 21, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Sei-ichi Tsujimura: “Contribution of melanopsin cells to brightness perception” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Jan. 14, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Jihoon Park: “Toward understanding of life span changes in inhibitory system in the brain through a computational model” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jan. 7, 2022  Friday Lunch Seminar: Hideto Kuribayashi: “A report on attending a conference: International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) 29th annual meeting” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Dec. 24, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Masako Tamaki: “Contribution of NREM and REM sleep to visual perceptual learning” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Dec. 17, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Osamu Fukayama: “RatCar, Rattractor, and further — Brain-machine interfaces to control devices and bodies” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Dec. 10, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Yuichi Sakano: “How humans perceive glossiness and its unique effects on facial attractiveness” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Dec. 3, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Ryoji Hirano: “A fully-automated neuromagnetic dipole analysis of epileptic spikes using deep learning” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Nov. 26, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Koji Uchida: “Safety in MRI experiments” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Nov. 19, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Ryota Kobayashi: “Estimating synaptic connectivity from parallel spike trains” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Nov. 12, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Shohei Hidaka: “Insight problem solving as meta problem solving to find what to be a problem” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Oct. 29, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Kazufumi Hosoda: “Constraints on biological dynamics: toward modeling brain function” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Oct. 22, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Yoshiaki Tsushima: “Olfactory stimulation modulates visual perception without training” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Oct. 15, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Noah Benson: “Modeling the Visual Cortex: from Populations of Neurons to Populations of Humans” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Oct. 8, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Nobuhiro Hagura: “Decision uncertainty as a context for motor memory” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Oct. 1, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Sumioka Hidenobu: “Human-Robot Deep interaction” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Sep. 24, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Hisashi Ishihara: “Comparative analysis of facial skin movements in android robots and humans” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Sep. 22, 2021  55th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Shogo Kajimura “Brain knows who is on the same wavelength” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Sep. 17, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Yu Takagi: “The hierarchical representation of dancing across human cerebral cortex” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Sep. 10, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Tomohiro Ishizu: “An empirical approach to study negatively valenced aesthetic judgment” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jul. 26, 2021  On-line (Sign-up required): 53rd CiNet Monthly Seminar: Shosuke Suzuki “How does the brain decide to make an effort? Dissecting the role of the striatum in motivation and clinical implications”
Jul. 16, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Tomokazu Tsurugizawa: “BOLD and non-BOLD fMRI of rodents for translational study” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jul. 9, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Betty Wutzl: “Evaluation of subjective well-being under different environmental conditions” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jul. 2, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Hideyuki Takahashi: “How to Create a Robot with Love -Designing in the Absence of Agents” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jun. 25, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Yuichi Ohsitai : “Predictive Communication Network Control based on Bayesian Attractor Model” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jun. 18, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Kohske Takahashi : “Facing to diversity of seeing faces” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jun. 11, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Tamami Nakanoi : “Mirror, mirror…conscious and unconscious processing of self-face” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Jun. 4, 2021  On-line (Sign-up required): 52nd CiNet Monthly Seminar: Kenji Kobayashi “Neural mechanisms of information seeking in the service of social and non-social decision making”
Jun. 4, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Hirotaka Osawa : “Toward Augmented Human Society: Future Vision of Human-Agent Interaction” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
May 21, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Shoko Kanaya : “Representation of summary-statistics of binocular disparity in the human brain” (On-line: Sign-up required)
May 14, 2021  Friday Lunch Seminar: Akihiko Murai : “Human Augmentation Technology for Healthy, Safe, and Comfortable Life” (On-line: Sign-up required)
Apr. 28, 2021  51st CiNet Monthly Seminar: Jun Kunimatsu “The function of the striatum tail in behavioral switching” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)
Mar. 18, 2021  On-line (Sign-up required): 50th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Amitai Shenhav “Decomposing the motivation to exert mental effort”
Mar. 12, 2021  On-line for CiNet members (Sign-up required): Noriaki Ogawa: “Detecting schizophrenia by machine learning on fMRI data”
Mar. 5, 2021  On-line for CiNet members (Sign-up required): Shuhei Kitamura: “Social Comparisons and Cooperation during COVID-19”
Feb. 26, 2021  On-line for CiNet members (Sign-up required): Tomomitsu Miyoshi: “Estimation of retinal stimulating electrode from cortical response by neural network in retinal prosthesis”
Feb. 5, 2021  On-line for CiNet members (Sign-up required): Hiroki Watanabe: “Subconscious modulation of motor preparation due to mechanical parameters of keyboard switches: A wearable EEG study”
Feb. 1, 2021  On-line (Sign-up required): 49th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Naoya Takahashi “Cellular mechanisms for tactile perception in mice”
Jan. 29, 2021  On-line for CiNet members: Yutaka Nakamura: “Modeling human movements during interactions using deep neural networks”
Jan. 22, 2021  On-line for CiNet members: Satoshi Hirose: “i-test: alternative to t-test for the decoding accuracy evaluation”
Jan. 15, 2021  On-line (Sign-up required): Dror Cohen: “Brain networks are insulated from external stimuli during internal cognition”
Dec. 25, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Hideto Kuribayashi: “A report on attending a conference: International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) annual meeting”
Dec. 18, 2020  On-line (Sign-up required): Aya Nakae: “How can we manage our stress by emotion?”
Dec. 17, 2020  On-line (Sign-up required): 48th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Vincenzo Romei “Enhancing brain connectivity and testing its functional significance through manipulation of Hebbian-like plasticity of targeted networks”
Dec. 11, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Shuntaro Aoki: “Data and code sharing for advanced analysis of large-scale fMRI data”
Dec. 4, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Jyh-Jong Hsieh: “Atypical auditory perception in autism spectrum disorder: a synthetic approach to evaluate the perceptual patterns caused by environmental stimuli”
Nov. 27, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Miwa Sumiya: “Human echolocation inspired by flexible ultrasonic sensing by bats”
Nov. 20, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Matija Milosevic: “How brain-controlled electrical stimulation of muscles can be used to elicit neural plasticity”
Nov. 6, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Masaki Ogura: “Modelling, analysis, and control of networked epidemic processes”
Oct. 29, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: 46th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Shuguang Kuai “Decoding perception of others’ social interaction in the human brain”
Oct. 23, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Naohisa Nagaya : “Bugs in Virtual Environments”
Sep. 30, 2020  On-line (Sign-up required): 45th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Gouki Okazawa “Context dependent geometry of the representation of decision variable in the parietal cortex”
Sep. 25, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Taro Kaiju: “Development of a high-density neural interface towards the next-generation brain-machine interface”
Sep. 18, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Masamichi Hayashi: “Time is not a single metric: dissociable neural mechanisms of duration and interval perception”
Sep. 11, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Yoshinobu Kawahara: “Data-driven modeling of nonlinear dynamics: From mode decomposition to interaction analysis”
Sep. 4, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Nobuhiro Hagura: “Perceptual decision process embedded in motor control”
Aug. 27, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: 44th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Dora Hermes “Computational approaches to link stimulus encoding, neural circuits and mesoscale human brain measurements”
Jul. 31, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Michihiko Koeda: “fMRI in Psychiatric Research”
Jul. 3, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Shin-ichi Fujiwara: “How can we tell the forelimb posture of Triceratops?”
Jun. 5, 2020  On-line for CiNet members: Hiromasa Takemura: “Diffusion MRI study on early visual white matter pathways in the human brain”
Mar. 13, 2020  (Called off) Seiji Nakagawa: “Elucidation of Mechanisms of Bone-conduction Perception and its Applications to Communication Devices”
Mar. 6, 2020  Takashi Fujikado: “Prevention of myopia progression by optical approach”
Feb. 21, 2020  Tomoya Kawashima: “Distinct perceptual rhythms in sequential sampling with and without distractors”
Feb. 21, 2020  42nd CiNet Monthly Seminar: Yumiko Yoshimura “Involvement of V1 neurons preferring low-contrast stimuli in orientation discrimination”
Feb. 12, 2020  41st CiNet Monthly Seminar: Denis Le Bihan “How white matter acquired colors”
Feb. 5, 2020  The 6th CiNet Conference: Brain-Machine Interface – Medical Engineering based on Neuroscience –
Jan. 31, 2020  Hitoshi Maezawa: “Cortical mechanisms of tongue motor functions in humans: MEG and tDCS studies”
Jan. 20, 2020  International Symposium on Pain and Bodily Defense (Jan. 20-22 )
Jan. 17, 2020  Hiroshi Ishiguro: “Studies on conversational robots”
Jan. 10, 2020  Takahiro Doi: “Suboptimal visual averaging reveals compulsory, nonlinear mechanisms in human vision”
Jan. 10, 2020  Mariko Osaka: “Serial changes of humor comprehension for four-frame Manga”
Dec. 20, 2019  Tomoki Tokuda: “Multiple co-clustering and its application to identify subtypes of depressive disorder”
Dec. 13, 2019  Jun-nosuke Teramae: “Dual stochasticity of cortex provides a biologically-plausible learning with the most efficient coding”
Dec. 13, 2019  NICT-IFReC Joint Seminar: Yuka Sasaki “Opponent neurochemical and functional processing in NREM and REM sleep in visual perceptual learning”
Dec. 6, 2019  Nozomu Nakamura: “Respiratory-dependent cognitive decline during the retrieval process”
Dec. 3, 2019  Jiajia Yang “Approach to human somatosensory system: from millimeter to sub-millimeter fMRI”
Nov. 28, 2019  CiNet Seminar: Junichi Chikazoe “From object to value: Multivoxel pattern analysis reveals neural representations of the external environment in multiple domains”
Nov. 8, 2019  Michal Joachimczak: “Real-Time Mixed-Reality Telepresence”
Nov. 6, 2019  40th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Andrew Jackson “While you were sleeping – A hypothesis about off-line learning”
Nov. 5, 2019  CiNet Seminar: Ami Tsuchida “Characterisation of white matter signal anomalies (WMSAs) in a large cohort of healthy young adults MRi-Share database”
Nov. 1, 2019  Eizo Miyashita: “Adaptive motion control of the upper arm: from the past to the future”
Oct. 25, 2019  Haruki Takeuchi: “Cell-type-specific patterned activities specify gene expression patterns for olfactory circuit formation -Neurons that fire in the same pattern wire together-”
Oct. 16, 2019  Udo Ernst “Dynamics and mechanisms of flexible information processing in the visual system”
Oct. 11, 2019  Ryuhei Ueda: “Cognitive mechanisms of close relationship maintenance and building”
Oct. 4, 2019  Ken-ichi Okada: “Elucidation of the mechanism of schizophrenia using eye movement”
Oct. 2, 2019  Shinya Nakamura “Exploring cognitive and emotional functions of the monkey frontal cortex by using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)”
Sep. 27, 2019  Tatsuya Otoshi: “QoE Control on Video Streaming Considering User’s Cognitive Bias”
Sep. 20, 2019  Naoshige Uchida: “A normative perspective on the diversity of dopamine neurons”
Sep. 9, 2019  39th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Peter Bandettini “Advancing methods in fMRI: A perspective on ultra-high resolution mapping, task decoding, cross subject correlation, and multi-echo based denoising”
Sep. 5, 2019  38th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Kazushige Touhara “Molecular and neural basis for social behavior in mice and human”
Aug. 26, 2019  Seminar on Horizon2020
Aug. 22, 2019  CiNet Seminar: Toru Takahata “Possible parallel projections from the pulvinar to V2 in macaques”
Aug. 5, 2019  Irini Giannopulu: “Body Motion Perception in a framework of Real, Virtual and Mental Simulation”
Aug. 2, 2019  CiNet Seminar: David Lyon, James Bourne, Rufin VanRullen
Aug. 2, 2019  37th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Brian Wandell “Neural circuitry for vision and reading”
Jul. 26, 2019  Chie Hieida: “Deep Emotion: A Computational Model of Emotion Using Deep Neural Networks”
Jul. 24, 2019  Wenjun Bai: “Priors for affective representation learning”
Jun. 28, 2019  Khoo Hui Ming: “Simultaneous EEG-fMRI and its clinical application”
Jun. 28, 2019  36th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Azusa Kamikouchi “Neural mechanism for evaluating love song in fruit flies”
Jun. 24, 2019  Misa Kurihara: “How does melatonin contribute to emotion regulation?”
Jun. 21, 2019  Tetsuya Asai: “Neuromorphic and AI Computing on Emerging Devices and Materials”
Jun. 5, 2019  35th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Tomohiko Takei “Neural mechanisms for sophisticated feedback motor control”
May 31, 2019  Kohei Motoya & Izumi Ohzawa: “Analysis of responses of high-order visual neurons in primates”
May 27, 2019  Dante Wasmuht: “Dynamical multiplexing of information during dual task performance in monkey prefrontal cortex”
May 24, 2019  Hideto Kuribayashi: “A report on attending a conference: International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) 27th annual meeting”
May 20, 2019  34th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Shinsuke Suzuki “Obsessive-compulsive traits impair decision-making through the change of exploration strategies”
May 17, 2019  Ben Seymour: “Pain – what is it and why do we have it?”
Apr. 26, 2019  Masashi Nakatani: “Spatio-temporal sensory afferents pattern may explain the Fishbone Tactile Illusion”
Apr. 22, 2019  33rd CiNet Monthly Seminar: Jörn Diedrichsen “Too big to ignore: Exploring the role of the human cerebellum across functional domains”
Apr. 19, 2019  Kenji Leibnitz: “Python vs Matlab for Data Analysis”
Apr. 12, 2019  Yutaro Kumagai: “Molecular mechanism of chronic pain: From immunology to brain network remodeling”
Mar. 29, 2019  Takashi Fujikado: “Quantification of eye strain caused by digital devices”
Mar. 28, 2019  Dan V. Nicolau: “Computation With Motilte Biological Agents”
Mar. 22, 2019  Uksu Choi: “The human brain segmentation and parcellation using ultra-high field MRI”
Mar. 15, 2019  Aya Nakae: “How should we evaluate pain to develop new effective analgesics for patients?”
Mar. 14, 2019  32nd CiNet Monthly Seminar: Fahmeed Hyder “Salient metabolic features of human brain function”
Mar. 12, 2019  CiNet Workshop for Univ. Students 2019
Mar. 8, 2019  Tomoyuki Naito: “Impression of beauty in the deep convolutional neural network”
Mar. 7, 2019  31st CiNet Monthly Seminar: Masanori Murayama “Top-Down Cortical Circuit for Perception and Memory Consolidation in Mice”
Mar. 1, 2019  Hiroshi Ishiguro: “Studies on human-robot interaction”
Feb. 20, 2019  The 5th CiNet Conference: Computation and representation in brains and machines (Registration-closed)
Feb. 15, 2019  Atsushi Yokoi: “Neural representation of bimanual coordination”
Feb. 8, 2019  Yasuto Tanaka: “Fixational Eye Movement: its ultra-microscale movement and the role”
Feb. 1, 2019  Juan Liu: “Frames of Reference for Cross-modal Tasks in Three-dimensional Space: From Sensory Transformation to Eye-hand Coordination”
Jan. 25, 2019  Ryohei P. Hasegawa: “Development of an EEG-based BMI system ‘Neurocommunicator’ and its clinical and industrial applications”
Jan. 23, 2019  Hiroshi M. Shiozaki: “Parallel encoding of vision, memory, and self-motion in fruit fly central nervous system”
Jan. 18, 2019  Jihoon Park: “Constructive understanding of dynamics from the interaction between the body and brain”
Jan. 17, 2019  30th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Yoshito Otake “Patient-specific analysis of musculoskeletal anatomy and dynamics using medical images with deep learning”
Jan. 11, 2019  Akira Murata: “Neural bases of the body in the parietal cortex”
Dec. 21, 2018  Naoki Wakamiya: “Reservoir computing on impulse-based wireless sensor networks”
Dec. 19, 2018  Konrad Wagstyl : “BigBrain: Deep learning of cerebral cortex microstructure”
Dec. 14, 2018  Tatsuya Daikoku: “Neurophysiological and Computational Understanding of Uncertainty/Entropy encoding in Language- and Music-Statistical Learning: Towards Medical and Educational applications by a Brain-Computer Interface”
Dec. 7, 2018  Kyosuke Takami: “Bully together !? : Behavioral and Neural mechanisms of Bullying”
Nov. 30, 2018  28th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Karl Zilles “Multimodal and Multiscale Mapping of Cortical Organization”
Nov. 30, 2018  Reza Shadmehr: “Population coding in the cerebellum”
Nov. 21, 2018  Anna-Lisa Schuler “Prenatal origins of language, dopaminergic origins of creativity and their implications on brain stimulation targets”
Nov. 16, 2018  Hiromu Sakai: “Time Course of Sentence Production Revealed by Speakers’ Eye-Movement”
Nov. 12, 2018  Brian J. Rogers : “Delusions about Illusions: a critique of the illusion concept”
Nov. 9, 2018  Nobuhito Abe: “Social Neuroscience of Dishonesty”
Oct. 26, 2018  27th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Patrick Haggard “Voluntary action and conscious experience”
Oct. 15, 2018  Peter Janssen: “The cortical network processing three-dimensional object structure in the human and nonhuman primate brain”
Oct. 12, 2018  Ferdinand Peper: “Neuro-inspired spike signaling and its use in error-robust communication”
Oct. 12, 2018  Thorsten Zander: “Towards Neuroadaptive Technology: An outlook on the potential impact of Passive Brain-Computer Interfaces on Technology, Neuroscience and Society”
Oct. 11, 2018  Tim Mullen: “A Python-based Software Platform for Multi-Modal Signal Processing and BCI”
Sep. 21, 2018  Tadashi Watabe: “Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism and Astrocytic Dysfunction”
Sep. 14, 2018  (cancelled) Nicolás Navarro-Guerrero: “Exploiting Multiple Dimensions of Value in Reinforcement Learning”
Sep. 6, 2018  (cancelled) 26th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Brian Wandell “Neural circuitry for vision and reading”
Aug. 6, 2018  CiNet Monthly Seminar (extra) : Bo Zhu “Exploration of Machine Learning Approaches for Automating Medical Image Reconstruction and Acquisition”
Aug. 6, 2018  Rei Akaishi : “What is unique about the human brain (and its computation)?”
Aug. 2, 2018  25th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Kunlin Wei “What is really learned during sensorimotor learning: Lessons from relearning”
Jul. 31, 2018  (Cancelled) Daisuke Shimaoka: “Mesoscale structure of spontaneous dynamics and visual processing”
Jul. 24, 2018  Makoto Kusunoki: “Neuronal mechanism of visual perception, attention and memory”
Jul. 23, 2018  Tomoyuki Namima: “Encoding of partially occluded and occluding objects in macaque inferior temporal cortex”
Jul. 13, 2018  Makoto Onizuka: “Efficient graph analysis: distributed framework and algorithms”
Jul. 13, 2018  Takuji Hayashi : “Multisensory and Unisensory Integration with Divisive Normalization for Human Motor Adaptation”
Jul. 12, 2018  24th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Fumitaka Osakada “Viral and imaging approaches for linking neuronal connectivity to circuit function”
Jul. 6, 2018  Tetsuto Minami: “Pupil responses to predict cognitive state”
Jun. 28, 2018  23rd CiNet Monthly Seminar: David Whiteney “Multi-level Crowding and the Paradox of Object Recognition in Clutter”
Jun. 22, 2018  Haruo Hosoya: “Towards computational understanding of facial coding in the macaque”
Jun. 15, 2018  Junichi Ushiba: “Motor recovery from post-stroke hemiplegia -Brain-Machine Interface and its beyond-”
Jun. 14, 2018  22nd CiNet Monthly Seminar: Kendrick Kay, “Ultra-high-resolution fMRI: the problem of veins and a potential solution”
Jun. 8, 2018  Abdelkader Nasreddine Belkacem: “Decoding of Bilateral Hand Movements for real-time MEG-based Brain-Geminoid Interface”
Jun. 1, 2018  Makoto Fukushima: “Fluctuations in global network properties of human brain functional connectivity”
May 25, 2018  Ichiro Fujita: “Where in the brain is the stereo correspondence problem solved”
May 21, 2018  21st CiNet Monthly Seminar: Yasuo Kawaguchi, “Cortical circuit components and connectivity, a personal history”
May 18, 2018  Daniel Callan: “Neural Correlates of Inattentional Deafness: In Simulated and Actual Real World Conditions”
May 15, 2018  20th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Shizuko Hiryu, “Learning future engineering from acoustic navigation of bats”
May 11, 2018  Jun-ichiro Enmi: “Relaxation phenomenon in MRI: Basics and applications”
May 8, 2018  Benjamin T. Backus: “Virtual reality for vision testing and treatment of binocular vision dysfunction”
May 7, 2018  Diego Vidaurre: “Measuring functional reorganisation in the brain”
Apr. 27, 2018  Izumi Ohzawa: “Visual Neuron Simulator: an intuitive educational and research tool”
Apr. 20, 2018  19th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Junichi Rekimoto, ” IoA: Internet of Abilities and the future of Human Augmentation”
Apr. 20, 2018  Ikuhisa Mitsugami: “Gaze from Head: Gaze Estimation without Observing Eyes”
Apr. 13, 2018  Adnan Shah: “High resolution fMRI at 7T: Opportunities and Challenges”
Apr. 11, 2018  18th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Daniel Margulies, “Topographic principles of macroscale cortical connectivity”
Apr. 2, 2018  Zita Eva Patai, “Neural Correlates of Human Navigation”
Mar. 30, 2018  Shiro Ojima: “A large-scale neuroimaging project on elementary-school children’s language functions”
Mar. 27, 2018  17th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Jonathan Pillow, “Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Population Encoding in Prefrontal Cortex during Decision-Making”
Mar. 16, 2018  Ryohei Fukuma: “Decoding phantom hand movement / semantic space of visual stimulus”
Mar. 15, 2018  Iwao Kanno: “Hemodynamics during neurovasculer coupling”
Mar. 12, 2018  Gouki Okazawa: “Modeling integration of dynamic multi-dimensional sensory evidence for perceptual decision-making”
Mar. 9, 2018  Ryuta Koyama: “Brain temperature stimulates microglia to modulate synaptic connections”
Mar. 8, 2018  16th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Radoslaw Martin Cichy, “Dynamics of visual cognition: A spatio-temporally resolved and algorithmically explicit account”
Mar. 2, 2018  Ben Seymour: “Mechanisms of the endogenous control of pain”
Feb. 26, 2018  The 4th CiNet Conference
Feb. 23, 2018  Hiroyuki Kanda: “Electrophysiological evaluation of neural responses to retinal prosthesis”
Feb. 16, 2018  Takashi Matsubara: “Constructing and regularizing deep learning with your knowledge”
Feb. 9, 2018  Hiroki Kato: “Astrocyte activity in patients with multiple sclerosis: a pilot study by C-11 acetate PET”
Feb. 2, 2018  Ming Chang: “Unconscious Learning of Speech Sounds using Mismatch Negativity Neurofeedback”
Jan. 26, 2018  Koji Morikawa: “Research and Development on Artificial Intelligence at Panasonic”
Jan. 12, 2018  Takeaki Shimokawa: “Hierarchical Bayesian diffuse optical tomography for task-evoked and resting-state brain activities”
Jan. 10, 2018  14th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Marcel van Gerven, “Neural networks as a window on human cognition”
Dec. 22, 2017  Sungshin Kim: “Research on learning & memory with neuromodulation in Computational Learning & Memory Neuroscience (CLMN) Lab in Korea”
Dec. 20, 2017  13th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Sang Wan Lee, “Understanding reinforcement learning on a deeper level”
Dec. 15, 2017  Seiji Kameda: “A Multi-channel Neural Recording ASIC Chip for a Fully Implantable Wireless BMI System”
Dec. 8, 2017  Betty Wutzl: “The role of fMRI in the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with severe chronic disorders of consciousness”
Dec. 1, 2017  Mikio Inagaki: “Face processing in cortical and subcortical pathways”
Nov. 24, 2017  Independent Component Analysis for Improved Feature Extraction in ECoG based BMI
Nov. 21, 2017  Elise Piazza: “The importance of “motherese”: Neural and behavioral drivers of communication in early life”
Nov. 17, 2017  Kazuhiro Nakamura: “Effects of cerebral blood flow and metabolism in MR diffusion weighted image”
Nov. 10, 2017  James Blaha: “Demonstration of Vivid Vision System that treats disorders of binocular vision”
Oct. 27, 2017  Kota S. Sasaki: “Visual information representation in convolutional neural network”
Oct. 13, 2017  Atsushi Nakazawa: “The environmental light and your eye – retrieving your vision using computer vision”
Oct. 13, 2017  12th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Ralph Adolphs, “The Neuroscience of Emotion”
Oct. 12, 2017  Jens Schwarzbach: “Functional Connectivity Dynamics”
Oct. 12, 2017  Angelika Lingnau: “From Kinematics to Meaning : The Neural basis of Action Understanding”
Oct. 6, 2017  Hirokazu Kawaguchi: “What is MRI? What can MRI do? 2017”
Oct. 5, 2017  Mindfulness Workshop in CiNet – Mindfulness and Science
Sep. 29, 2017  Parham Mokhtari: “Estimating auditory cues for 3D spatial hearing from geometry of the outer ear”
Sep. 22, 2017  11th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Hakwan Lau, “Prefrontal Cortex and Conscious Perception”
Sep. 22, 2017  Hiroyuki Torikai: “The missing fourth approach toward biomimetic hardware design”
Sep. 15, 2017  Mariko Osaka: “Emotion and Working memory”
Sep. 8, 2017  Yutaka Nakamura: “An application of reinforcement learning to human robot interaction in a real environment”
Sep. 7, 2017  Kenichi Inoue: “Manipulation of primate neural networks by means of modified viral vectors”
Sep. 4, 2017  Kiyotaka Nemoto: “Voxel-based morphometry”
Aug. 4, 2017  10th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Masanori Matsuzaki, “Towards understanding of cortico-subcortical networks for motor learning and motor execution with cellular and subcellular resolutions”
Aug. 4, 2017  Andrea d'Avella: “Muscle synergies for motor control”
Jul. 28, 2017  9th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Katsu Yamane, “Building Lifelike Physical Characters”
Jul. 26, 2017  Mauro Costagli: “Imaging magnetic susceptibility with magnetic resonance: a tool to study neurodegenerative diseases”
Jul. 18, 2017  Masamichi J. Hayashi: “Neural correlates of subjective time in humans”
Jul. 14, 2017  Adnan Shah: “Signal improvement and model-free de-drifting in fMRI and fNIRS data”
Jul. 7, 2017  Tomoya Nakai: “Shared neural basis of syntactic processing in language and mathematics”
Jun. 30, 2017  Erhan Oztop: “Human-Robot Simultaneous Learning and Shared Control”
Jun. 23, 2017  Kazuma Aoyama: “Percutaneous Electrical Stimulation for Sensory Display and Virtual Reality”
Jun. 16, 2017  Yutaka Hirata: “The cerebellum is necessary but not sufficient for the acquisition of predictive motor control: In the case of optokinetic eye movement in zebrafish, medaka, carp, goldfish, and humans.”
Jun. 16, 2017  Nicolas Schweighofer: “Virtuous and vicious cycle between arm use and performance post-stroke”
Jun. 14, 2017  Yosuke Morishima: “Modulation and analysis of functional brain connectivity”
Jun. 9, 2017  Takehiro Minamoto: “Neural mechanism of emotional regulation: An exploration of functional segregation in the anterior cingulate cortex”
Jun. 5, 2017  8th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Fang FANG, “Perceptual learning and neural plasticity in adult human brain”
May 19, 2017  Katsumi Nakajima: “Cortical control of locomotor movements in non-human primates”
May 15, 2017  7th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Kazuhiko SEKI, “Sensory gating during voluntary movement: neural correlates in the cortical and subcortical network.”
Apr. 28, 2017  Toshimitsu Takahashi: “Modulation of illusory reversal in tactile temporal order by the phase of posterior alpha rhythm”
Apr. 21, 2017  Ryohei Nakayama: “Spatiotemporal continuity of vision as a product of cyclic binding of position and object at theta rhythm”
Apr. 14, 2017  Minoru Asada: “Cognitive Developmental Science Based on Understanding the Process from Neuro-Dynamics to Social Interaction”
Apr. 14, 2017  6th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Ko Matsui, “Functional engineering of astrocytes and mind”
Apr. 7, 2017  Aurelio Cortese: “Confidence as a late stage read-out : evidence from multivoxel pattern manipulations”
Mar. 31, 2017  Takahiro Soshi: “Psychophysiology of impulsivity”
Mar. 24, 2017  Laurel Morris: “Using resting state fMRI to examine latent correlates of cognition in humans”
Mar. 24, 2017  Reiko Matsushita: “Modulation of resting state networks with non-invasive brain stimulation over the auditory cortex”
Jul. 8, 2016  Array: “Neurocomputational model for reward prediction and decision making in psychiatric disorders”
Mar. 7, 2017  Mikio Hasegawa: “Nonlinear Mathematical Engineering on Wireless Communications”
Mar. 6, 2017  5th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Takayuki Yamashita, “Projection-specific regulation of large-scale sensorimotor signaling in the neocortex”
Mar. 3, 2017  Hiroaki Hobara: “Ultimate performance of amputee athlete : mechanical property of artificial limb and its control”
Mar. 2, 2017  4th CiNet Monthly Seminar: Shuntaro Sasai, “Can a healthy brain behave as if it were a ‘split-brain’?”
Feb. 28, 2017  Kick-off Cooperation Meeting – “Cognition and Computation” (CiNet, NICT & CRI, U. Haifa)
Feb. 22, 2017  Stephan Sigg: “Challenges and tools for maintenance-free, intelligent distributed sensing”
Feb. 17, 2017  Tsutomu Murata: “– cancelled – Moment of recognizing objects in degraded images : Accumulation-representation switching of visual category – selective regions revealed by deconvolved BOLD signals”
Feb. 10, 2017  Shinji Nishimoto: “Reverse inference from the viewpoint of quantitative modeling approaches”
Feb. 8, 2017  Workshop: ‘Cellular Automata, Distributed Computing, and Mobile Agents’
Feb. 3, 2017  Shuichi Nishio: “Body ownership transfer to android robots with brain activity modulation”
Jan. 30, 2017  Po-Jang Hsieh: “Causes, Consequences, and Neural Correlates of Visual Awareness”
Jan. 27, 2017  3rd CiNet Monthly Seminar : Austin J. Roorda, “Seeing light and color with single cones”
Jan. 27, 2017  Shunrou Fujiwara: “Diffusion-weighted imaging has kept saying since his birth, ‘I can see not only diffusion!’”
Jan. 20, 2017  Kazuma Mori: “Real-world social neuroscience in the internet era”
Jan. 17, 2017  NICT-NSF Collaborative Workshop on Computational Neuroscience
Jan. 16, 2017  CiNet Seminar by Dan Yamins (Stanford University) and Ko Nishino (Drexel University)
Jan. 6, 2017  Stephen J. Anderson: “The aetiology and possible control of myopia: the importance of whole-field visual signals”
Dec. 16, 2016  Masafumi Harada: “Usefulness of Quantitative Metabolic Biomarkers Observed by Clinical 3T MRI Instrument”
Dec. 9, 2016  Shingo Tanaka: “Modulating the monkey’s choice preference by the decoded neurofeedback”
Dec. 5, 2016  2nd CiNet Monthly Seminar : Bill Newsome, “Monitoring covert cognitive processes via neural population dynamics in frontal cortex”
Dec. 2, 2016  Atsushi Yokoi: “Hierarchical motor sequence representation in human neocortex”
Nov. 30, 2016  Yuhei Takado: “Metabolic imaging / measurement for translational research : from mice to human”
Nov. 28, 2016  Human Frontier Science Program: Seminar for Grant Application
Nov. 25, 2016  Sorato Minami: “Illusory jitter perceived at the frequency of intrinsic alpha oscillation -Alpha oscillation as a clock for visual processing-”
Nov. 22, 2016  CiNet Monthly Seminar (Special) : Kunihiko Fukushima, “Deep CNN Neocognitron for Visual Pattern Recognition”
Nov. 11, 2016  Song-Ju Kim: “Natural Intelligence: Novel method for harnessing the computational power of physical phenomena”
Nov. 7, 2016  1st CiNet Monthly Seminar : Jon Roiser, “Is depression caused by a hyperactive habenula?”
Nov. 4, 2016  Hirokazu Kawaguchi: “What is MRI? What can MRI do?”
Oct. 28, 2016  Naoyuki Osaka: “Two brains make one synchronized mind”
Oct. 26, 2016  Juno Kim: “Perceiving objects, their surface reflectance properties and organisation in the environment”
Oct. 26, 2016  Uk-Su Choi: “Functional characteristics expected to be measured by 7T high resolution fMRI”
Oct. 18, 2016  James Kolasinski: “Somatosensory plasticity at 7T : from neurochemicals and maps to perception”
Oct. 14, 2016  Samir Menon: “Combining haptics with fMRI to study motor coordination and control in the brain”
Oct. 5, 2016  Satohiro Tajima: “Optimal policy for value-based decision-making: Why are we so slow to decide between two good options”
Oct. 4, 2016  Workshop: “Vision over vision : man, monkey, machine and network models”
Sep. 23, 2016  Kosuke Nishihara: “Vision and Approach of NEC Brain-Inspired Computing Research Alliance Laboratories”
Sep. 23, 2016  Camila Squarzoni Dale: “Putative Mechanisms involved on motor cortex stimulation: what do we learn from experimenatl models”
Sep. 16, 2016  Hiroyuki Kanda: “Precise analysis of near reflex and it’s clinical application”
Sep. 9, 2016  Yunjie Tong: “Concurrent near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and functional MRI studies on human brain function and physiology”
Aug. 2, 2016  Manabu Makinodan: “Social experience-dependent glia development and its association with autism spectrum disorder”
Aug. 2, 2016  Chun-I Yeh: “Processing of artificial and natural stimuli in macaque primary visual cortex”
Aug. 1, 2016  Akira Miyake: “Individual Differences in Executive Functions: A Unity/Diversity Framework”
Jul. 27, 2016  Sven Bestmann: “Computational neurostimulation: using computational models and non-invasive brain stimulation to study value-based and perceptual decision making”
Jul. 26, 2016  Michel Thiebaut de Schotten: “From structural connectivity to function”
Jul. 26, 2016  Franco Pestilli: “Quantifying white matter structure by multidimensional encoding of brain connectomes”
Jul. 25, 2016  Workshop: “Neural mechanisms linking action and perception”
Jul. 20, 2016  Sign-up now! International Symposium: ‘Brain Networks and Behaviour’ (July 20 Wed.)
Jul. 19, 2016  Karl Zilles: “What transmitter receptors can tell us about cortical organization”
Jul. 19, 2016  Siawoosh Mohammadi: “Computational MRI: from morphometry to in-vivo histology”
Jul. 15, 2016  Izumi Ohzawa: “What features are matched binocularly for stereopsis?”
Jul. 12, 2016  David B. Grayden: “The Bionic Vision Australia Retinal Implant Research Program”
Jul. 12, 2016  Sam Emmanuel John: “Minimally Invasive Endovascular Neural Interface”
Jun. 29, 2016  Dorita Chang: “Reorganization of depth-related cortical processing with learning as shown by human rTMS”
Jun. 27, 2016  Chih-Chung Ting: “Integration of prior knowledge and current information: Behavioral and neuroimaging evidence”
Jun. 17, 2016  Teppei Araki: “Long-term implantable and flexible transparent electrodes for neural interface monitoring with wireless recording system”
Jun. 10, 2016  Elisa Ferre: “Vestibular modulation of somatosensation”
Jun. 10, 2016  Constantin Siriteanu: “Wireless communications analysis and evaluation using random matrix theory and computer algebra”
Jun. 9, 2016  Shinsuke Suzuki: “Contagious nature of human risk preference”
Jun. 3, 2016  Tadashi Watabe: “Functional connectivity and regional brain glucose metabolism”
May 27, 2016  Yusuke Yokota: “Estimation of brain workload from EEG recording”
May 20, 2016  Ralph Adolphs: “The Neuroscience of Human Social Behavior”
May 16, 2016  Nikola Stikov: “Myelin g-ratio imaging: promises and pitfalls”
May 13, 2016  Hiroshi Ashida: “Illusions in Visual Motion Perception”
Apr. 15, 2016  Akiko Callan: “fMRI studies investigating auditory spatial processing”
Apr. 8, 2016  Jun-nosuke Teramae: “Cluster Structure in Cortical Local Circuit and Effective Suppression of Pathological Synchronization by Highly Heterogeneous Distribution of Inhibitory Connections”
Apr. 6, 2016  Jonny Smallwood: “Escaping the here and now: towards a component process account of the role of the default mode network in human cognition.”
Apr. 6, 2016  Beth Jefferies: “The components of semantic cognition: Evidence from neuropsychology, neuroimaging and brain stimulation.”
Mar. 25, 2016  Yu Shimizu: “Machine Learning and Modelling Approaches to Depression”
Mar. 18, 2016  Aya Ihara: “Evaluation of consumer products by using EEG and its application to behavior prediction”
Feb. 26, 2016  Jun Izawa: “Slow dynamics of motor memory”
Feb. 19, 2016  Dan V. Nicolau: “What is intelligence? The case for fungal (and bacterial) intelligence”
Feb. 19, 2016  Naoko Koide: “Art professionals experience unique perception in painting evaluation”
Feb. 12, 2016  Maryam Alimardani: “Body Ownership Transfer (BOT) to BCI-operated Android Robot: An Investigation of Cognitive Mechanism and Effects”
Feb. 3, 2016  The Third CiNet Conference on Feb. 3-5, 2016- Neural mechanisms of decision making: Achievements and new directions
Feb. 2, 2016  Bolton Chau: “Ventral prefrontal cortex and optimal decision making”
Jan. 29, 2016  Chizuko Inui: “Detection of neuronal activities concerning the retrieval of the conditioned taste aversion with lipopolysaccharide using manganese-enhanced MRI -crosstalk between neural and immune systems”
Jan. 22, 2016  Erdem Pulcu: “Studying the cognitive neurobiology of social functioning impairments due to life stress”
Jan. 18, 2016  Takamitsu Watanabe: “Network dynamics linking cognitive functions with structures of human brain”
Jan. 15, 2016  Kazuma Mori: “Two types of moved experiences elicit different psychophysiological responses”
Dec. 28, 2015  Joint Seminar by RIKEN QBiC, NICT CiNet, FBS, IFReC
Dec. 25, 2015  Christmas Joint Seminar by NICT CiNet & RIKEN QBiC
Dec. 18, 2015  Yuichiro Matsuoka: “RF coil for high quality MR imaging”
Dec. 11, 2015  Hiroyuki Shindo: “Deep learning and natural language processing”
Dec. 11, 2015  Kei Watanabe: “Dual-tasking in animals: Exploring the neurophysiological basis of executive control”
Dec. 7, 2015  Andrea Desantis: “Predicting and perceiving: prediction modulates the perception of action-outcomes.”
Dec. 4, 2015  Ryosuke Ozawa: “Why does the return trip feel shorter?”
Nov. 30, 2015  Warrick Roseboom: “Time perception in context: the effect of recent sensory experience on temporal perception.”
Nov. 27, 2015  Tetsuya Asai: “Machine Learning Systems on FPGA/VLSI and their Potential Applications”
Nov. 27, 2015  Kazuhisa Shibata: “Perceptual and cognitive changes induced by decoded fMRI neurofeedback”
Nov. 20, 2015  Olaf Blanke (EPFL): “Multisensory brain mechanisms of bodily self-consciousness and its four major constraints”
Nov. 19, 2015  Ichiro Kuriki: “Representation of color in human brain at higher and lower levels”
Nov. 13, 2015  Tetsuya Shimokawa: “Network analysis of the default mode and working memory regions”
Nov. 6, 2015  Ai Koizumi: “Multivoxel neurofeedback extinguishes fear memory”
Nov. 4, 2015  Lee Walsh: “Proprioception in 2015: What’s new and how should it be measured?”
Oct. 30, 2015  Takahiro Furuta: “Introduction of a strategy for integrative neuroscience”
Oct. 9, 2015  Tsutomu Murata: “Neural basis of visual emergent recognition: nonselective activation of the category-selective regions.”
Sep. 25, 2015  Tomoharu Iwata: “Unsupervised Object Matching”
Sep. 18, 2015  Hiroyuki Kanda: “Development of STS type retinal prosthesis”
Sep. 16, 2015  Miho Ushida: “A self-organizing model of spatial patterns and its evaluation towards motion detection of textureless objects”
Sep. 15, 2015  Christoph Leuze: “MRI evaluation of the CLARITY method for lipid removal from brain tissue”
Sep. 11, 2015  Jun-ichiro Hirayama: “Unifying blind separation and coactivation clustering for resting-state EEG/MEG analysis”
Sep. 10, 2015  Norihisa Miki: “Microtechnology-Based Human Interface Device- What to measure and how to measure –”
Sep. 3, 2015  Noritaka Kawashima: “Understanding the phenomenon of phantom limb”
Jul. 31, 2015  Akihiro Funamizu: “Investigating neural implementation of model-based decision making by two-photon microscopy”
Jul. 24, 2015  Yasushi Kobayashi: “A challenge to bridge studies of human and nonhuman primates,”
Jul. 23, 2015  Fabien Lotte: “Towards practical EEG-based Brain-Computer Interface Technologies”
Jul. 17, 2015  Rieko Osu: “What does society expect from neuroscience?”
Jul. 10, 2015  Jun Hatazawa: “Integrated PET-Overhauser enhanced MRI”
Jul. 3, 2015  Dr. Suyong Eum: “Information-Centric Networking: Introduction and Recent Developments (12:15-12:45)”
Jul. 2, 2015  Larry Manevitz: “Computational Biomarkers , Machine Learning and Neurocomputation:Some recent work from the Neurocomputation Laboratory”
Jun. 17, 2015  The 5th CiNet Sympoium in Tokyo Forum (Japanese language only)
Jun. 5, 2015  Youichi Saitoh: “Treatment of intractable neuropathic pain with rTMS”
May 29, 2015  Ken Takiyama: “Prospective errors determine motor learning: a step towards a unified model of motor learning”
May 22, 2015  Yasuhiro Mochizuki: “Analysis of spike train data: Difference in firing patterns among cortical areas”
May 20, 2015  Hans F. Wehrl: “PET/MR Brain Imaging in Small Animals”
May 15, 2015  Todd Pataky: “SPM for biomechanical skill assessment”
Apr. 17, 2015  Tristan Nakagawa: “Computational modeling of large-scale resting-state activity in fMRI and MEG”
Apr. 10, 2015  Atsushi Wada: “How does the human brain represent self-motion from visual information?”
Apr. 9, 2015  Dr. Komura (AIST): “Feeling of knowing one’s own vision in monkeys and humans”
Apr. 7, 2015  Megumi Fukuda: “Prior expectation shapes dynamics of ambiguous stimulus perception”
Apr. 3, 2015  Jun-nosuke Teramae: “Computational approach to ongoing spontaneous activity of cortical neurons”
Mar. 20, 2015  Tomoyuki Yamamoto: “DoF Coordinative Structure Analysis of Golf Putting Using Motion Sensor Array : a progress report”
Mar. 13, 2015  Atsushi Matsumoto: “The neural basis of semantic categorization”
Mar. 10, 2015  CiNet Workshop for Univ. Students: March 10, 11, 2015 (info. Japanese only)
Mar. 6, 2015  Motonobu Kanagawa: “Probability representations using reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and their applications to nonparametric statistical inference”
Mar. 2, 2015  The Second CiNet Conference: “International Symposium on Neural Mechanisms of Vision and Cognition”
Feb. 27, 2015  Shunsuke Toyoda: “Developmental epigenetic regulation for neuronal diversity”
Feb. 20, 2015  Ron Read: “Practical Advice for Improving Your Technical Writing and Presentations in English”
Feb. 13, 2015  Fumiaki Yoshida: “Hacking bad brain networks – optogenetic neuromodulation for movement”
Feb. 6, 2015  Guoxiang Liu: “New MRI techniques for brain function studies”
Jan. 30, 2015  Laurence Hunt: “Bridging microscopic and macroscopic choice dynamics in prefrontal cortex.”
Jan. 23, 2015  Yoshikazu Terada: “Possibilities and limitations of machine learning on unweighted graphs — From the viewpoint of random geometric graph theory –.”
Jan. 16, 2015  Satoshi Nishida: “Neural mechanisms for selection and maintenance of spatial information in macaque lateral intraparietal area.”
Jan. 9, 2015  Morgan Magnin: “Analyzing the dynamics of concurrent systems thanks to model-checking based approaches.”
Dec. 19, 2014  Masaya Hirashima: “Learning with slight forgetting optimizes motor commands”
Dec. 12, 2014  Dec. 12 (Fri.), 2014 International Symposium “Active Vision in Natural Environments”
Dec. 12, 2014  Filip Van Opstal: “A role for dopamine in visual consciousness (視覚的意識に関するドーパミンの役割)”
Dec. 2, 2014  The First CiNet Conference: “New Directions in Pain Neuroscience (Dec. 2-5)”
Nov. 28, 2014  Yusuke Morito: “The neural substrate for perceiving the degraded images(劣化画像認識の神経基盤)”
Nov. 25, 2014  Talks by Dr. Yamada and Dr. Moriguchi
Nov. 10, 2014  Televised talk : Prof. Scott Waddell: “A memory found?(記憶がみつかったのか?)”
Nov. 7, 2014  Hiroyuki Kanda: “Research and development of STS type retinal prosthesis(STS方式人工網膜の研究開発)”
Nov. 6, 2014  Takafumi Kato: “Neurophysiological mechanisms for the genesis of tooth grinding during sleep”
Oct. 31, 2014  Taro Maeda: “Parasitic Humanoid:How to assist behavior directly with human embodiment(パラサイトヒューマン:身体性をもった行動支援)”
Oct. 24, 2014  Yuki Mori: “Time-lapse MRI for tracking immune cells in the brain(MRIを用いた脳内免疫細胞の非侵襲可視化技術)”
Oct. 17, 2014  Kimihiro Nakamura, MD, PhD: “Imaging unconscious language processing(無意識の言語処理過程を可視化する)”
Oct. 10, 2014  Okito Yamashita: “Macro-scale functional dynamics model of human brain”
Sep. 29, 2014  “Embodied-Brain” kickoff symposium
Sep. 26, 2014  Ko Matsui: “Active role of glia in neuronal circuit modulation and rampant glial signals in pathology”
Sep. 19, 2014  Stefan Elfwing: “Robocopulation: A robot evolution approach to study polymorphic mating strategies”
Sep. 16, 2014  Vincent R. Daria: “Four-dimensional multi-site photolysis of caged neurotransmitters (tentative)”
Sep. 5, 2014  Bernard Balleine: “Cortical and limbic contributions to striatal plasticity and adaptive behavior”
Aug. 22, 2014  Nathan Thierry (Grenoble INP) and Geronimo Mirano (MIT): “‘New Insights into the Mechanisms of Human Observational Learning’”
Jul. 25, 2014  Raphael Kaplan (UCL): “The influence of mental imagery on mnemonic function”
Jul. 24, 2014  The 4th CiNet Symposium: “Revealing personal and social communication through brain science” (Japanese)
Jul. 18, 2014  Yoko Hoshi: “Development of time-domain diffuse optical tomography based on a radiative transfer equation and diffusion approximation hybrid”
Jul. 18, 2014  Vision Symposium
Jul. 14, 2014  J-J. Orban de Xivry: “One perturbation but two different memories: Perturbation statistics modulates the nature of motor memories”
Jul. 11, 2014  Koji Ikezoe: “Spatial arrangement of neurons in monkey visual cortex according to their response properties: A 2-photon calcium imaging study”
Jul. 4, 2014  Yasushi Naruse: “Development of mobile wireless EEG system and its application”
Jul. 3, 2014  Jun-nosuke Teramae: “Computational study for origin and functional roles of spontaneous ongoing fluctuation in cortical circuit”
Jun. 27, 2014  Ferdinand Peper: “Spiking and Wireless Sensor Networks”
Jun. 24, 2014  Yuki Mori: “Single cell tracking using 11.7T MRI”
Jun. 23, 2014  Ryota Kanai: “Theory and practice of non-invasive electric brain stimulation: from tDCS to tRNS”
Jun. 20, 2014  Eiji Nawa: “Using fMRI Data to Classify Self-Driven Mental Tasks”
Jun. 13, 2014  Hiroshi Imamizu: “Prediction of human behaviors from intrinsic brain activity”
Jun. 6, 2014  Tsuyoshi Ikegami: “Immediate tool incorporation processes determine motor planning with tools”
May 29, 2014  Patrick van der Smagt: “Machine Learning in Assistive Robotics”
May 23, 2014  Satoshi Hirose: “The reason why I am struggling with fMRI decoding”
May 9, 2014  Izumi Ohzawa: “Is there a limit to analytical approaches in systems neuroscience?”
Apr. 25, 2014  Eichi Naito: “Corporeal awareness and human fronto-parietal cortex”
Apr. 25, 2014  Shoko Utsunomiya: “Coherent Ising machine using a laser network”
Apr. 25, 2014  Kohsuke Kudo: “Brain Oxygen Imaging by MRI”
Apr. 24, 2014  Gouhei Tanaka: “Network Robustness and Energy-efficient Neural Networks”
Apr. 23, 2014  Shinob Kuroki: “How do we perceive timing and texture in touch? -psychophysical approach”
Apr. 18, 2014  Nobuhiro Hagura: “Impact of action of sensory perception”
Apr. 11, 2014  Noriko Yamagishi: “The observant mind: self-awareness of attentional status”
Mar. 29, 2014  Conference: 29th Annuual meeting of Japan Biomagnetism and Bioelectromagnetics Society
Mar. 28, 2014  Shin-ichi Arakawa: “Topological analysis of brain functional networks”
Mar. 24, 2014  Hidehiro Watanabe: “Highly resolved 1H spectroscopy of human brain with 1H decoupling at high field”
Mar. 20, 2014  Junji Ito: “Neural Correlates of Active Vision”
Mar. 17, 2014  Shinsuke Suzuki: “Neural mechanisms underlying human consensus decision making”
Mar. 14, 2014  Andrea Benucci (RIKEN BSI): “Dynamics of population responses in the cat visual cortex”
Mar. 14, 2014  Shinichiro Watanabe: “Glucose Metabolic Pattern in Identical Twin Brain”
Mar. 7, 2014  Takafumi Suzuki: “Technologies for next generation BMI”
Feb. 28, 2014  Shinji Nishimoto: “Human visual areas invariant to eye movements during natural vision”