9th CiNet Monthly Seminar : Katsu Yamane, “Building Lifelike Physical Characters”

CiNet Monthly Seminar

July 28, 2017
16:00 ~ 17:00
CiNet 1F Conference Room

“Building Lifelike Physical Characters”

Katsu Yamane
Senior Research Scientist
Disney Research Pittsburgh

Host : Masaya Hirashima (Naito Group)

Entertainment is one of many applications of robotics, but it is unique in the sense that the “task” here is to make people believe that they are not watching a robot, but rather a living character with personality and emotion.  Pursuing speed, power, accuracy, or even efficiency often does not make much sense in such application.  It therefore requires a completely different design paradigm from traditional robotics for both hardware and software.  In this talk, I will discuss two elements that I believe are important for entertainment robots: motion style and physical interaction. The first part of the talk introduces various human-to-robot motion retargeting techniques for creating stylistic and expressive motions of both humanoid and non-humanoid characters.  In the second part, I will demonstrate that simple, remote human-robot interaction such as playing catch and handing over an object can be engaging and entertaining by adding simple and quick reactions to human actions and events. Finally, I will introduce a few hardware prototypes of soft robots developed with the goal of realizing safe direct physical interactions including hand-shaking and hugging.

About CiNet’s Monthly Seminar:
In CiNet Monthly Seminar, distinguished external (national and international) speakers will give a lecture about their latest work. The lecture will be held once a month from 16:00 at the CiNet main lecture theatre, followed by an informal discussion in the coffee room. List of speakers will be announced in advance. Everyone is welcome to attend, and welcome to join the after seminar discussion.

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