Ron Read: “Practical Advice for Improving Your Technical Writing and Presentations in English”

February 20, 2015  12:15-14:00
CiNet 1F Conference Room

Ron Read
Kurdyla and Associates Co., Ltd
Practical Advice for Improving Your Technical Writing and Presentations in English


This quickly paced talk will cover practical points on two tasks that inevitably face researchers in promoting their work and advancing their careers: giving conference presentations and writing papers for journals and proceedings. Key principles will be discussed, but most of the talk will present practical steps anyone can take today or tomorrow to produce better technical writing and presentations. The presenter’s observations are not from static theories or textbook wisdom but directly from his more than 25 years’ experience in rewriting, reviewing, and presentation training.

Technical Writing

  • 10 Simple Tips for Better Technical Writing
  • Good Practices of Successful Writers
  • Impact Writing: A Small Self-study Activity for After the Seminar


  • What is a presentation? Its aim? Its function? How to do it?
  • Practical Tips for Giving Presentations
  • Handling and Surviving Q&A Sessions

Q&A Session (presenter will stay as long as there are questions…)

About Ron Read

  • Vice President/Kansai Branch Manager, Kurdyla and Associates Co., Ltd
  • Technical Rewriter/Trainer of Rewriters
  • Presentation Trainer
  • Writing Reviewer: IEICE publications
  • Former conference organizer, International Business Communicators
  • Secretary, Kinki Macintosh Users Group