Atsushi Yokoi: “Hierarchical motor sequence representation in human neocortex”

December 2, 2016  Friday Lunch Seminar
12:15 〜 13:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room

“Hierarchical motor sequence representation in human neocortex”

Atsushi Yokoi

Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences
Osaka University


Host PI : Shigeru Kitazawa


The hierarchical view of action sequencing, first proposed by Lashley (1951), is supported by a large body of behavioural evidence (e.g., Rosenbaum et al., 1983; Sakai et al., 2003). Yet it remains unclear what the neuronal underpinnings are. In this talk, I will present the results of two functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) experiments in which we used novel multivariate analysis techniques for fMRI data to ask whether and how complex sequences of finger movements are represented over the cortical motor areas in the human brain. The first experiment addresses the question whether there is genuine sequence encoding in primary motor cortex (M1). In the second experiment, I will further discuss how complex sequences are hierarchically encoded in higher order areas, such as premotor, supplementary motor areas, or parietal regions. Finally, I will also discuss possible coexistence of hierarchical and non-hierarchical sequence representation.

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