Nov. 28, 2022  Teruaki Kido (Cooperative Visiting Researcher, Hayashi G) received “Best Poster Award” at the International Symposium on Chronogenesis: How the Mind Generates Time
Nov. 11, 2022  Satoshi Nishida (CiNet PI) received “Excellent Presentation Award” in the 36th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.
Sep. 6, 2022  CiNet researcher Toshiki Okumura (Kida G) received “Best Presentation Award” at The 56th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for the Study of Taste and Smell
Sep. 5, 2022  CiNet researcher Atsushi Yokoi (Nishimoto G) received “MC16 People’s Choice Award” at the 16th Motor Control Research Conference
Jun. 20, 2022  Hiromasa Takemura, CiNet PI, received “Early Career Investigator Award” from the OHBM
Mar. 28, 2022  CiNet Researcher by Tsuyoshi Ikegami, Masaya Hirashima, Eiichi Natio featured in an article in “New Scientist”: People who are blind may use the brain’s visual cortex for movement
Mar. 16, 2022  Mitsuo Kawato, CiNet PI, awarded the Japan Academy Prize
Feb. 14, 2022  CiNet researchers received “Encouragement Award” at the 2nd Grant meeting for Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “Chronogenesis”
Nov. 26, 2021  Sing up for The 7th CiNet Conference: New horizons in brain mapping (Feb. 1-3)
Oct. 1, 2021  Kiichi Kawahata (Nishida Group) received “Young Researcher Award” in the 5th Japanese Meeting for Human Brain Imaging
Sep. 17, 2021  CiNet researchers received “Young Scientist Encouragement Award” and “Best Presentation Award” at the 15th Motor Control Research Conference
Jun. 29, 2021  Hiroki Oishi, CiNet Researcher (Takemura Group), received “Merit Abstract Award” for his presentation at the 2021 Annual Meeting of Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)
Jun. 25, 2021  Satoshi Nishida, CiNet PI, Antoine Blanc (Nishida Group), Shinji Nishimoto, CiNet PI published a research article in PLOS Computational Biology
Jun. 17, 2021  New publication by Ikuhiro Kida & Hiroshi Ban, both CiNet PI:”Assessment of olfactory information in the human brain using 7-Tesla functional magnetic resonance imaging”
May 14, 2021  Press Release: Count Your Blessings: Short Gratitude Intervention Can Increase Academic Motivation
Apr. 23, 2021  Daisuke Nishiyama, Technical Researcher, CiNet, NICT (MRI&MEG Management Group) received “Bronze Award” in the JRC 2021 Annual Meeting.
Apr. 21, 2021  CiNet Researcher Tsuyoshi Ikegami (Naito Group) published a research article in PLOS Computational Biology
Mar. 18, 2021  A Paper by Kazuma Mori (Haruno Group) on the cover of “Journal of Personality”
Dec. 21, 2020  Toshio Yanagida, Center Director, elected as a member of the Japan Academy
Nov. 26, 2020  CiNet Researcher Satoshi Nishida (Nishimoto Group), Antoine Blanc (Nishimoto Group), and Shinji Nishimoto (CiNet PI) received “Excellent Presentation Award” in the 34th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
Sep. 29, 2020  CiNet Researcher Taro Kaiju (Suzuki Group) received “IEEJ Excellent Presentation Award” in the 2019 Electronics, Information and Systems Society Conference of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.
Sep. 18, 2020  Daniel Callan (CiNet PI) is one of the founding chief editors of the new journal “Frontiers in Neuroergonomics”
Sep. 17, 2020  A paper by Masamichi Hayashi (Amano Group) was published in Journal of Neuroscience
Jun. 3, 2020  CiNet Researcher Hiromasa Takemura (Kida Group) edited the special issue of “Brain Structure and Function”
Mar. 17, 2020  CiNet Researcher Tomoya Kawashima (Amano Group) received “Best Presentation Award” in the 38th annual meeting of the Japanese Psychonomic Society
Mar. 10, 2020  CiNet Researcher Tomoya Nakai (Nishimoto Group) published a research article in Nature Communications
Jan. 16, 2020  CiNet Researcher Satoshi Nishida (Nishimoto Group) received “Excellent Poster Award” in the 20th Winter Workshop of Mechanism on Brain and Mind
Jan. 16, 2020  CiNet Researcher Hiroki Oishi (Amano Group) received “Best Presentation Award” in an annual winter meeting of the Vision Society of Japan
Jan. 6, 2020  The 6th CiNet Conference: Brain-Machine Interface – Medical Engineering based on Neuroscience – (Feb.5-7)
Dec. 19, 2019  Guoxiang Liu, CiNet PI, has received “ISMRM JPC AWARD”
Nov. 6, 2019  Toshio Yanagida, CiNet’s Director, received “The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star”
Oct. 16, 2019  Daniel Callan, CiNet PI, received “2019 IEEE Brain Initiative Award” and “BMI Best Paper Award”
Sep. 20, 2019  Press Release: Brain stimulation prevents anxiety-induced decrease in motor performances
Aug. 28, 2019  Press Release: How your brain remembers motor sequences
May 10, 2019  CiNet Researcher Hiromasa Takemura (Kida Group) published a research article in NeuroImage: Clinical
Mar. 19, 2019  Norio Fujimaki, CiNet/NICT, received Hisoka Maejima Award
Feb. 28, 2019  Presentations and slides from the 5th CiNet Conf. partially available
Jan. 9, 2019  Special Advisor Seiji Ogawa has received Prime Minister’s Award in the 2nd Medical Research and Development Awards
Nov. 20, 2018  Press release: White Matter Pathway and Individual Variability in Human Stereoacuity
Oct. 22, 2018  CiNet Researcher Makoto Fukushima (Leibnitz Group) published a research article in PLOS Computational Biology
Jun. 18, 2018  CiNet PI Daniel Callan’s Aviation related Neuroergonomic Research was featured in a flight safety magazine
Apr. 24, 2018  A paper by CiNet PI Noriko Yamagishi was published in PLOS ONE
Mar. 12, 2018  New research into human pain (Seymour Group)
Mar. 7, 2018  CiNet Researcher Choi Uksu (Kida Group) received a trainee stipend at the ISMRM Workshop on Advanced Neuro MR: Best Practices for Technical Implementation
Mar. 1, 2018  CiNet Researcher Ai Koizumi (Amano Group) received a poster award at the annual meeting of Social & Affective Neuroscience Society (SANS)
Feb. 27, 2018  CiNet Researcher Hiromasa Takemura (Amano Group) received ISMRM Japanese chapter “Outstanding Abstract Award”
Nov. 10, 2017  New research: Decoding naturalistic experiences from human brain activity using 10,000 words
Nov. 6, 2017  CiNet PI Kaoru Amano received the 7th RIEC Award from Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University (Oct. 31, 2017)
Oct. 6, 2017  Temperature – the forgotten human sense in ICT?
Sep. 19, 2017  New research: CiNet scientist and collaborators identify a largely forgotten brain pathway human parietal cortex
Sep. 13, 2017  Special Advisor Seiji Ogawa has received the Keio Medical Science Prize Laureate
Aug. 28, 2017  New research: Toward an understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying dual-task performance: Contribution of comparative approaches using animal models
Aug. 28, 2017  New research: Stable and dynamic coding for working memory in primate prefrontal cortex
Aug. 7, 2017  New Research: Watching the brain oscillates: the perceived frequency of an illusory jitter mirrors the frequency of intrinsic alpha oscillations
Aug. 4, 2017  CiNet PI Shinji Nishimoto received an award from the New Technology Development Foundation
Apr. 26, 2017  CiNet Researcher Hiromasa Takemura (Amano Group) received ISMRM “Magna Cum Laude Merit Award”
Mar. 29, 2017  New Research: CiNet scientist and collaborators established the homology of lost brain highway
Mar. 21, 2017  Press Release: How Effort Influences What We Believe to See
Feb. 17, 2017  CiNet Researcher Hiromasa Takemura (Amano Group) published a review article in Journal of Vision
Feb. 7, 2017  CiNet Monthly Seminar Schedule for 2017 announced
Dec. 19, 2016  A paper by CiNet Researcher Aurelio Cortese, Ai Koizumi (Amano Group) , PI Kaoru Amano, et al. was published online in Nature Communications
Nov. 22, 2016  A paper by CiNet Researcher Ai Koizumi (Amano Group), PI Kaoru Amano, PI Ben Seymour et al. was published online in Nature Human Behaviour
Nov. 2, 2016  Using AI and Brain-Machine Interfacing to Understand Phantom Limb Pain
Aug. 8, 2016  Trans-pacific collaboration agreement signed
Aug. 3, 2016  New research : Inception of color : Learning to Associate Orientation with Color in Early Visual Areas by Associative Decoded fMRI Neurofeedback
Jul. 26, 2016  CiNet PI Kaoru Amano’s research is introduced in Dispatch, Current Biology
Jul. 20, 2016  Shinji Nishimoto, CiNet PI, and CiNet Researcher, Satoshi Nishida (Nishimoto Group) published a review article in Trends in Cognitive Sciences.
Jul. 12, 2016  Workshop: ‘Neural mechanisms linking action and perception’ (July 25 Mon.)
Jul. 11, 2016  International Symposium: ‘Brain Networks and Behaviour’ (July 20 Wed.)
Jul. 4, 2016  New research : Controlling cerebral activitie to have the brain see colorsnot actually there
Jun. 10, 2016  New research : Theoretical and experimental study demonstrates a method for improving stereo vision processing.
Jun. 2, 2016  New research: How the brain improves motor control: Error signals in motor cortices drive adaptation in reaching.
Apr. 5, 2016  Sorato Minami (Amano group) was awarded by Best Presentation Award of 2015 Interim Examination in Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences.
Feb. 23, 2016  Sorato Minami (Amano group) was awarded by 2016 Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award (VSS Student Travel Award).
Feb. 5, 2016  New Research: Ensemble Tractography: a method to improve the identification of white matter pathways in living human brain
Jan. 6, 2016  Yuichi Sakano, CiNet Researcher, and Hiroshi Ando, PI, received the outstanding paper award in The 15th Symposium on Construction Robotics in Japan.
Dec. 22, 2015  New research from CiNet: Multiple threat-detection systems in the human brain
Dec. 17, 2015  Research by Eiichi Naito, CiNet PI, and his group to appear on NHK BS1 Saturday 19th, 21:00
Dec. 15, 2015  What makes us feel a sense of loss?
Oct. 30, 2015  The Third CiNet Conference on Feb. 3-5, 2016- Neural mechanisms of decision making: Achievements and new directions
Oct. 16, 2015  New Research: Mystery of size constancy untangled(大きさ恒常性の脳のしくみ解明へ大きな一歩)
Oct. 6, 2015  New Research: White matter pathway integrates spatial and categorical visual information
Jul. 28, 2015  Press Release (in Japanese): Network analysis reveals differences in functional connectivity organization between schizophrenia patients and healthy subjects (CiNet Researcher Tetsuya Shimokawa)
Jul. 24, 2015  Yuji Ikegaya, CiNet PI, received the 29th Tsukahara Award from Brain Science Foundation
Apr. 24, 2015  Takashi Ueguchi (Liu Group), CiNet Researcher, received the President’s Award at the 109th Scientific Meeting of the Japan Society of Medical Physics.
Apr. 22, 2015  Nature Japan featured the paper by Noriya Watanabe and CiNet PI, Masahiko Haruno “Effects of subconscious and conscious emotions on human cue–reward association learning” in Scientific Reports.
Apr. 6, 2015  The 5th CiNet Symposium on June 17 in Tokyo Forum (Japanese language only)
Feb. 18, 2015  The Second CiNet Conference: “International Symposium on Neural Mechanisms of Vision and Cognition” (finished)
Jan. 28, 2015  Sorato Minami (Amano Group) was awarded by the best presentation award in an annual winter meeting of Vision Society of Japan.
Jan. 26, 2015  CiNet Researcher Tsuyoshi Ikegami’s research is covered in the Asahi Shimbun (22 Jan 2015, in Japanese)
Jan. 22, 2015  New research: How the brain is fooled by ventriloquists (脳が腹話術に騙される仕組み)
Dec. 17, 2014  CiNet Workshop for Univ. Students: March 10, 11, 2015 (info. Japanese only)
Nov. 27, 2014  Ichiro Fujita, CiNet PI, will be on TV! – BS Nippon TV “Koji Damashii ( Japanese)” 22:30 – 23:24, Dec. 7
Nov. 26, 2014  New research: Beware of what you see: Watching a novice affects performance of sports professionals
Nov. 18, 2014  New research: High-field MRI reveals the kinetics of immune cells in the intravital mouse brain.
Oct. 16, 2014  Ichiro Fujita, CiNet PI, on J:COM Kansai Area Program “Ochanoko Sai Sai”(Japanese)
Aug. 29, 2014  REGISTRATION OPEN! The First CiNet Conference: “New Directions in Pain Neuroscience (Dec. 2-5)
Aug. 27, 2014  Mariko Osaka, CiNet PI, has published a book.
Aug. 11, 2014  Toshio Yanagida’s lecture is in the bulletin of the International Science Club of Osaka
Jul. 31, 2014  “Efficient foot motor control by Neymar’s brain” by Naito’s lab in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Jul. 29, 2014  CiNet researchers contribute to research on negative emotion and depression.
Jun. 10, 2014  Announcing the First CiNet Conference: New Direction in Pain Neuroscience (Dec. 2-5)
Jun. 4, 2014  Toshio Yanagida, Center Director, Honorary Member of the Physical Society Japan
Apr. 17, 2014  CiNet research mentioned in the Asahi Shimbun Globe No. 131 (March 16, 2014)
Apr. 17, 2014  Takashi Ueguchi, CiNet Researcher, has received the Congress Chair Award of the 107th Scientific Meeting of JSMP
Apr. 9, 2014  Research from CiNet PI, Yuji Ikegaya has shown that rats can learn to activate a specific neuron in their brain.
Apr. 9, 2014  Research from Yuji Ikegaya, CiNet PI, has shown that neurons that have been activated during a recent behavioral episode are reactivated in a brain slice.
Apr. 1, 2014  Seiji Ogawa has received the Grand Award of Tateishi Prize
Apr. 1, 2014  JSPS international post-doctoral fellowship scheme open.
Apr. 1, 2014  Ben Seymour, CiNet PI, receives award from Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation to support UK-Japan collaborative research.
Mar. 17, 2014  Masahiko Haruno, CiNet PI, featured on NHK program “origin of diseases: depression”
Mar. 4, 2014  Hiroshi Ishiguro, CiNet PI, interviewed on Singularity 1 on 1
Feb. 18, 2014  Ben Seymour, CiNet PI , and Alison Hobro (IFReC) featured in the magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Feb. 9, 2014  Shinji Nishimoto, CiNet PI, and Yukiyasu Kamitani (ATR) featured on NHK Science Zero
Oct. 25, 2013  Toshio Yanagida, Center Director, awarded Japan’s prestigious ‘Person of Cultural Merit’.