Yutaro Kumagai: “Molecular mechanism of chronic pain: From immunology to brain network remodeling”

April 12, 2019  Friday Lunch Seminar
12:15 〜 13:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room

“Molecular mechanism of chronic pain: From immunology to brain network remodeling”

Yutaro Kumagai

Senior Researcher
Stem Cell Biotechnology Research Group
Department of Life Science and Biotechnology
Biotechnology Research Institute for Drug Discovery
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Host PI: Aya Nakae


Chronic post-surgical pain (CPSP) is a cause of pain suffering even after recovery from surgical insult with incidence rate of 5-50 %. Prior studies suggest that excessive activation of peripheral neurons as well as remodeling of neural circuit by microglia and/or astrocytes are cause of CPSP. However, its molecular mechanism is still elusive. To elucidate the mechanism of CPSP, we devised our original CPSP animal model and investigated the mice with deficiency in various genes involved in inflammatory response and migration of immune cells. We have found that mice deficient in genes involved in inflammatory response were resistant to CPSP. These results indicate that strong inflammation and migration of monocytes into the brain caused by surgical insult are essential molecular basis for CPSP. Moreover, to clarify molecular mechanism under inflammatory remodeling of the brain, we performed transcriptome analysis of whole brain of CPSP mice, and have found that expression levels of genes specific for myelinated oligodendrocytes was reduced. This indicates reduction of myelinated oligodendrocytes in the brain after onset of CPSP which resembles demyelination.

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