Kimihiro Nakamura, MD, PhD: “Imaging unconscious language processing(無意識の言語処理過程を可視化する)”

October 17, 2014  Friday Lunch Seminar
12:15 〜 13:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room

“Imaging unconscious language processing(無意識の言語処理過程を可視化する)”

Kimihiro Nakamura, MD, PhD

Human Brain Research Center, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine


Language is generally thought to be an innate and universal human faculty, but is also known to rely on various distinct components, including phonological, articulatory, lexico-semantic and syntactic memory systems. Interestingly, previous research suggests that many of these components could be driven automatically even without conscious awareness and cognitive control. Recent brain imaging data have identified some neural correlates of such non-conscious recognition in occipitotemporal regions, at least for earlier, elemental stages of language processing (e.g., spoken or written words), but little is known about whether and how the human brain can cope with other, more complex types of linguistic information (e.g., sentences, text). Here I will briefly review the current status of the field and present a few research projects currently ongoing in our own department.

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