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21st CiNet Monthly Seminar: Yasuo Kawaguchi, “Cortical circuit components and connectivity, a personal history”


CiNet Monthly Seminar

May 21, 2018
16:00 ~ 17:00
CiNet 1F Conference Room

“Cortical circuit components and connectivity, a personal history”

Yasuo Kawaguchi
National Institute for Physiological Sciences

Host : Masahiko Haruno (PI)

Understanding the function of the neocortex requires identifying and characterizing the numerous subtypes of cortical neurons (both glutamatergic and GABAergic), defining their selective synaptic interconnectivity, and revealing their functional impact on cortical output to other cortical and subcortical structures. Over several decades, my laboratory has worked toward achieving these goals, and today I will share with you key aspects of our journey that have contributed to our current understanding of cortical function.