CiNet Seminar: Ami Tsuchida “Characterisation of white matter signal anomalies (WMSAs) in a large cohort of healthy young adults MRi-Share database”

CiNet Seminar

November 5, 2019
(We may stop the seminar at 13:00, but continue the discussion until 13:15.)
CiNet 1F Conference Room

Ami Tsuchida
Research Fellow
Bordeaux University

Host: Hiromasa Takemura (Kida Group)

Brain changes during development and ageing have been extensively investigated in multiple large cohort imaging studies, whether in healthy or pathological conditions. By contrast, the period of early adulthood has been largely overlooked, despite the significant lifestyle changes many experience during this period as they engage in higher education and explore their identity to become a fully independent adult.

In this talk, I will introduce i-Share project (internet-based Student Health Research enterprise), the first large epidemiological cohort study on students’ health, launched in 2013 in France, and in particular describe the neuroimaging database portion of the project, called MRi-Share. I will present some basic neuroanatomical changes that can be observed in this cohort. In addition, in relation to the specific project I work on using this database, I will present the characterization of white matter signal anomalies (WMSAs) in this young cohort, and discuss its implications for understanding the pathophysiology of small vessel disease and neurovascular conditions later in life.