Erhan Oztop: “Human-Robot Simultaneous Learning and Shared Control”

June 30, 2017  Friday Lunch Seminar
12:15 〜 13:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room

“Human-Robot Simultaneous Learning and Shared Control”

Erhan Oztop

Associate Professor
Department Head
Ozyegin University, Turkey

Host PI: Yukie Nagai


Human-in-the loop robot control is an effective method for synthesizing skilled behaviors for robots. It can be used as a type of so-called learning by demonstration method, in which the human operator acts as an adaptive controller in the control loop of the robot. As such, the human central nervous system learns to perform a desired task by using the robot as a tool. After this stage, autonomous controllers can be synthesized based on the robot data generated by the skilled task execution of the human operator. The new trend in robotics seem to develop robotic systems that are not geared exclusively for full autonomy but more for human compatibility, including their ability to learn and co-adapt with humans for better synergistic performance. In this talk, extensions of the human-in-the loop robot learning paradigm to simultaneous learning and shared control, where the robot is not a passive tool during human learning but it also learns in parallel or help task execution by inferring the goal of the human will be given.


Erhan Oztop earned his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California in 2002. In the same year, he joined Computational Neuroscience Laboratories at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, (ATR) in Japan, where he served as first researcher, then senior researcher, group leader and vice department head positions.
In 2011, he moved to Computer Science department at Ozyegin University in Istanbul, and since 2014 he serves as the Department Head of the Computer Science Department. He also directs the newly founded AI-Lab, and co-direct the Robotics laboratory at Ozyegin University.

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