Friday Lunch Seminar: Mikio Hasegawa: “Ultra-Fast Optimization by Coherent Ising Machine and its Application to Wireless Communication Systems” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)

Friday Lunch Seminar (English)

July 8, 2022
12:15 〜 13:00

Talk Title: Ultra-Fast Optimization by Coherent Ising Machine and its Application to Wireless Communication Systems

Mikio Hasegawa
Graduate School of Engineering
Tokyo University of Science

Host PI: Naoki Wakamiya

Recently, new optimization machines based on non-silicon physical systems, such as quantum annealing machines, have been developed, and their commercialization has been started. These machines solve the problems by searching the state of the Ising spins, which minimizes the Ising Hamiltonian. Such a property of minimization of the Ising Hamiltonian can be applied to various combinatorial optimization problems. This talk introduces the coherent Ising machine (CIM), which can solve the problems in a milli-second order and has higher performance than the quantum annealing machines, especially on the problems with dense mutual connections in the corresponding Ising model. This talk will explain how a target problem can be implemented on the CIM based on the optimization scheme using the mutually connected neural networks. As an example benchmark problem, the CIM is applied to traveling salesman problems, and the experimental results of the real machine of the CIM will be shown. The CIM is also applied to several combinatorial optimization problems in wireless communication systems, such as channel assignment problems. The CIM’s ultra-fast optimization may enable real-time optimization of various communication systems even in a dynamic communication environment.