Makoto Kusunoki: “Neuronal mechanism of visual perception, attention and memory”

July 24, 2018  15:00 〜 16:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room (A)

Makoto Kusunoki

Medical Research Council, UK

Host : Kei Watanabe (Suzuki group)


Abstract: Goal oriented behaviours such as searching and picking food often look simple and stereotypical functions. However, they are consisted of various sub-functions. To understand the neuronal mechanism of goal oriented behaviours, both analysing sub-functions and combining them are necessary. In this talk, Using object foraging as an example, I will show the single unit activities of some of front-parietal attention.Parietal cortex is sub-divided by the representation of information in single unit activities, whereas the representations in the sub-division of frontal cortex are largely overlapped. Clear representation in parietal areas may suggest the algorithms of the areas to achieve their functions and overlapped representation in frontal areas may suggest the flexibility of the areas.