Ferdinand Peper: “Neuro-inspired spike signaling and its use in error-robust communication”

October 12, 2018  Friday Lunch Seminar
12:15 〜 13:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room

“Neuro-inspired spike signaling and its use in error-robust communication”

Ferdinand Peper

Associate Director
Neural Information Laboratory

Host PI:  Ferdinand Peper


Inspired by the spike-based signaling between neurons, we introduce impulse-based signaling for wireless communication, and show how robustness to errors can be achieved. The scheme is able to separate mixtures of spike trains by employing pattern recognizers that are dynamically sensitive to spike trains satisfying specific conditions. As a result, the time required to get a message through from one node to another decreases by a factor 10 to 100, as compared to a conventional ALOHA-like scheme, even when there are many nodes that simultaneously broadcast their impulse-based messages. Key to achieving this performance is the ormulation of a new type of finite automaton that can recognize spiking patterns over time. Finally, we discuss one application that is particular suitable for this type of spiking signaling: cyborg insects for rescue operations. These hybrid biological-robotic insects are extremely resource-restricted, and need to transmit messages efficiently while consuming little energy.

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