Yosuke Morishima: “Modulation and analysis of functional brain connectivity”

June 14, 2017  15:00 〜 16:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room (A)

Yosuke Morishima

University Hospital of Psychiatry
University of Bern

Host : Kei Watanabe (Suzuki group)


For adaptive and optimal guidance of our behaviour, we need to process information relevant to the current environment and goal. Our brain comprises complex network that is optimized to process relevant information at hand. However, the optimal control of functional brain networks is impaired in psychiatric patients. In my talk, I will present how brain network connectivity analysis reveals processing of social information for our adaptive behaviour. Here we used dynamic causal modelling (DCM) method to unravel functional changes in connectivity. In the first study, we studied underlying motivational drives of altruistic behaviour. By combining DCM and a machine learning method, we nicely predict motivational drives of altruistic act about 80 % of accuracy. In the second study, we studied pharmacological treatment effects on patients with specific phobia.
We show that DCM analysis reveals residual connectivity associated with pharmacological treatment in patients with specific phobia. Lastly, I will present a potential approach to control connectivity through tACS. To study neurophysiological effects of tACS, we have recently established a new method to concurrently use tACS, TMS and EEG. In conclusion, our comprehensive approach to study functional brain networks aids better understanding of our adaptive behaviour.