Chih-Chung Ting: “Integration of prior knowledge and current information: Behavioral and neuroimaging evidence”

June 27, 2016  14:00 〜 15:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room

Chih-Chung Ting

Taipei Medical University

Host : Masahiko Haruno (PI) 


The world we live in today has witnessed a massive information explosion, itʼs interesting to know how human updates ideas and efficiently uses prior knowledge and incoming information to make good decisions. To quantitatively estimate the integration in behavioral and neuroimaging levels, in present study, the reward information is associated with the probability of occurrence and subjects have to make probabilistic inference according to prior knowledge and current information. We found that subjects flexibly adjust the weights assigned to these two resources of information as predicted by the Bayesian model. In the fMRI results, medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) not only involves in integrating information, but also reflects the relative weights assignment for prior knowledge and incoming sensory evidence.
These findings establish the role of mPFC in prior-likelihood integration at least in the domain of reward probability.