On-line (Sign-up required): Aya Nakae: “How can we manage our stress by emotion?”

Friday Lunch Seminar

December 18, 2020
12:15 〜 13:00
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Talk Title: “How can we manage our stress by emotion?”

Aya Nakae (CiNet PI)
Specially Appointed Professor
Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences

Now in Osaka, there are a lot of reported cases of Covid-19 and many seriously ill patients mostly occupied ICU beds in the hospital in Osaka prefecture.
To keep the general health care system, we should improve our lifestyle. For example, we should practice proper social distancing and avoid going to places where many people gather around.
In addition, we are requested to work from home, and we are strongly requested not to eat out with our colleagues on the same table together.
Yes, everyone knows these measures are necessary. However, we are just humans. Social isolation may affect us badly, and in worse cases, it could be fatal for some people are struggling with mental health issues.
I will talk about our recent research concerning these issues. To do so, let me introduce the effect of exercises, handshakes, and embraces to pain perception via hormonal changes.
I would be very happy if our research contributes to better understanding of the difficult situation under COVID-19 pandemic.