Nozomu Nakamura: “Respiratory-dependent cognitive decline during the retrieval process”

December 6, 2019  Friday Lunch Seminar
12:15 〜 13:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room

“Respiratory-dependent cognitive decline during the retrieval process”

Nozomu Nakamura

Assistant Professor
Department of Physiology
Hyogo College of Medicine

Host PI: Ikuhiro Kida


Increasing evidence provides that the timing of breathing alters and shapes cognitive performance in the temporal resolution of sub-seconds. We previously demonstrated that, in healthy subjects performing a matching-to-sample visual recognition task, the accuracy was remarkably decreased when the retrieval process contained the expiratory-to-inspiratory phase (EI) transition (or the onset of inspiration; Nakamura et al., PLoS ONE 13: e0204021, 2018). Meanwhile, changes in the accuracy were not observed when the retrieval process contained the inspiratory-to-expiratory phase transition (or the onset of expiration). The inspiratory activity in the brainstem starts, and the expiratory activity has its peak immediately before the EI transition; the period right before the EI transition might have another effect on performance even though the retrieval process does not contain the EI transition. Here we will discuss about the EI transition-dependent effect on cognitive performance and its neural basis of the retrieval process using fMRI. These findings propose that attenuation of respiratory-dependent cognitive decline might be crucial for the maintenance and stability of successful performance in daily life and sports.

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