“Omoroi“ research from Osaka

CiNet is an abbreviation for “Center for Information and Neural Networks”.The center aims at conducting “omoroi” (Osaka dialect for unique and interesting) research that unifies information and brain sciences.

Descartes, a French philosopher of the 17th century, dissected the brain in great detail and concluded that our mind “will have its chief seat in the brain.” How does our mind reside in the brain? Shannon, the genius of the 20th century who created the theory of information, wrote, “semantic aspects of communication are irrelevant to the engineering problem.”

Information without meaning seems meaningless to me, but it was only by ignoring the meaning and focusing on the “number” of messages that he successfully founded the information communication theory, which evolved machines for telecommunications from telegraph, telephone to the modern smartphone.

It is worth noting here that it is our mind that restores the meaning of information. We will reveal how the brain recovers the meaning of information that Shannon discarded. Further, we will give an answer to the ultimate question posed by Descartes: “How could the mind reside in the machinery of the brain?”

Our ultimate goal is to create a CiNet Brain, an artificial brain with a “heart” that can see, hear, feel, and care for others. Don’t miss “Omoroi” research coming from Osaka, Japan!

April 1, 2022