Friday Lunch Seminar: Kohske Takahashi : “Facing to diversity of seeing faces” (On-line for CiNet members only: Sign-up required)

Friday Lunch Seminar (English)

June 18, 2021
12:15 〜 13:00

Talk Title: Facing to diversity of seeing faces

Kohske Takahashi
College of Comprehensive Psychology
Ritsumeikan University

Host PI: Hiroshi Ban

The importance of facial information in human communication would be universal, yet the cultural and regional diversity of facial processing is less known. We, an interdisciplinary collaboration between experimental psychologists and fieldworkers, have built a psychological experiment system applicable in various fields outside the laboratory setting and conducted field experiments in various regions including East/Southeast Asia, East and West Africa, and so on. Our study demonstrated the cultural/regional dependency of schematic facial information (e.g., emoji), face pareidolia, and face drawing. Based on these empirical data, I will discuss the diversity of “seeing faces” in humans.

-Takahashi, K., Oishi, T., & Shimada, M. (2017). Is  smiling? Cross-cultural study on recognition of emoticon’s emotion. Journal of cross-cultural psychology, 48(10), 1578-1586.

-“Multicultural Experimental Study on Facial and Bodily Expressions”