Stephan Sigg: “Challenges and tools for maintenance-free, intelligent distributed sensing”

February 22, 2017  16:00 〜 17:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room

Stephan Sigg

Aalto University,  (Finland)

Host : Ferdinand Peper (PI)


Intelligent, adaptive environments hold incredible potential to exploit IoT and installations of distributed sensing devices, also spanning on-body and environmental devices. However, despite extensive research on the topic, the problem of how to practically realize a system of maintenance-free interconnected sensing devices remains unsolved. No method exists for long-term maintenance-free environmental perception due to the lack of computational capabilities in parasitic nodes. We assert that this shortcoming can be overcome by outsourcing the computational load to the wireless communication channel.

In this talk, I will discuss our research towards networks of intelligent environments through sharply resource-restricted, distributed interconnected sensing devices. In particular, the talk will cover (1) distributed computation mimicking communication among neurons (exploiting collaborative transmission principles), (2) offloading of mathematical operations to the physical layer wireless channel (exploiting superimposition during simultaneous transmission), and (3) distributed environmental perception through backscatter communication.