Eizo Miyashita: “Adaptive motion control of the upper arm: from the past to the future”

November 1, 2019  Friday Lunch Seminar
12:15 〜 13:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room

“Adaptive motion control of the upper arm: from the past to the future”

Eizo Miyashita

Associate Professor
School of Life Science and Technology
Department of Life Science and Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Host PI: Takafumi Suzuki


Motion control mechanisms of the brain is a major subject of neuroscience, and the accumulated knowledge is expected to feed back to society. Adaptive control movement of upper arm has been tried to be understood referring to control theory in control systems engineering. Since optimal feedback control (OFC) model was introduced into neuroscience in early 2000s, OFC may be one of the most challenged models to test its plausibility. After briefly reviewing the history of motion control models in neuroscience, in this talk, the motion control mechanism of upper arm is reconsidered in the framework of OFC referring to works carried out in my laboratory, which include simulation and behavioral studies, and unit recording studies in the monkey. OFC was able to fairly well account for information representation in the motor cortex and some aspects of the behaviors except motor learning when a cost function was appropriately defined. Finally, I would like to mention to a future applicational work.

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