Michal Joachimczak: “Real-Time Mixed-Reality Telepresence”


November 8, 2019  Friday Lunch Seminar
12:15 〜 13:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room
“Real-Time Mixed-Reality Telepresence”
Michal Joachimczak

Brain Function Analysis and Imaging Laboratory, CiNet, NICT

Host PI: Hiroshi Ando


The recently emerging mixed reality (MR) technology allows to blend virtual 3D imagery with the real world. To study how MR can enhance ong-distance human interactions and teleoperation, we created an MR elepresence system that performs real-time 3D reconstruction of a person or an object and wirelessly transmits it to MR head-mounte display (Microsoft's Hololens). This allows users to see and hear a remote person as if they were in front of them and part of their environment.

MR also serves as a promising experimental tool to study various factors crucial for natural human interactions because we can manipulate physical properties of a recreated 3D person or object while showing the real environment unchanged.

During the talk, I will introduce the system and run a live demo during which everyone is welcome to try. I will also discuss our MR experiment which investigated how different types of 3D representations of remote person influence stress and the sense of presence during social interaction.

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