Atsushi Nakazawa: “The environmental light and your eye – retrieving your vision using computer vision”


October 13, 2017  Friday Lunch Seminar
12:15 〜 13:00

CiNet 1F Conference Room
“The environmental light and your eye – retrieving your vision using computer vision”
Atsushi Nakazawa

Associate Professor
Department of Intelligence Science and Technology
Kyoto University

Host PI : Norilko Yamagishi

Human eye gaze (point of gaze) information is strongly related to the internal states of the human perceptions, intentions and recognitions, therefore popularly applied to the medical, psychology, early development and computer science. I developed a novel point of gaze estimation technique using the corneal imaging technique, which use the reflected light from the scene at the human eye (corneal surface), and this approach not only solve the problems of the existing method, but enables to obtain further human vision information including peripheral vision estimations, high-resolution scene reconstructions and the image registration technique between scene and corneal reflection images in pixel-wise accuracy.
As an application of the technique for health-care field, I will show the care-skill evaluation method using wearable first-person camera and deep-learning-based eye contact detection algorithm which is a part of the JST CREST project "Computational and cognitive neuroscientific approaches for understanding the tender care." I will also introduce the scope of this project that involves the researchers of information science, robotics, medical and cognitive neuroscience.

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