James Blaha: “Demonstration of Vivid Vision System that treats disorders of binocular vision”

November 10, 2017  14:00 〜 15:30

CiNet 1F Conference Room

James Blaha

CEO & Founder, Vivid Vision, Inc.

Host: Izumi Ohzawa (PI)


New head-mounted displays and virtual reality software make it possible for the first time to deliver customized, dichoptic visual stimulation at reasonable cost to patients with binocular vision disorders. These disorders include stereo-depth deficiency, amblyopia, convergence insufficiency, and strabismus. Vivid Vision, Inc. has pioneered this new treatment approach and has the leading commercial product, used in more than 100 optometry and ophthalmology clinics worldwide. The Vivid Vision System use games that are fun to play in order to improve adherence. Children typically respond better to binocular vision treatments than do adults, and recent studies in adults suggest that treatments using Vivid Vision are effective; however, large clinical trials with better controls are needed to determine its effectiveness across this extremely heterogeneous patient population