JSPS international post-doctoral fellowship scheme open.

The Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) supports competitive international fellowships for people from abroad who want to work in Japan. They fund many fellowships per year, and are probably the best scheme of this type available. There are two schemes available: short term fellowships (less than 12 months), and long term fellowships (12-24) months. Currently, the long term scheme is open (it opens twice per year), and applications should be submitted by the beginning of May 2014.

This is an excellent opportunity to do a fellowship at CiNet. If you are interested in our research, the first step is to identify a lab in which you want to work, and contact the CiNet PI and let them know about your interests. The fellowship applications are relatively straightforward, and need to be written together with the PI, and completed towards the end of April (for internal administration). The fellowships are all-inclusive of relocation costs, a good salary, and expenses in Japan.

For more details about working in Japan, please visit our Careers page.