Seiji Ogawa has received the Grand Award of Tateishi Prize

Seiji Ogawa, Special Advisor to CiNet, has received the Grand Award of Tateishi Prize for his discovery of the basic principle of functional magnetic resonance imaging and its application to the study of nervous and biological systems.

The Tateishi Prize is one of Japan’s most prestigious scientific honours which was founded in 2010 commemorating the 20th anniversary of Tateishi Science and Technology Foundation. The Awards were given every two years and this year is the 3rd. The Awards consists of the Achievement Award and Grand Award. The Achievement award is given to researchers who received a grant from the Foundation and have achieved great results in continued activities. The Grand Award is given to researchers who have made achievements originated in Japan in the area matched to the charter of the Foudation. The recipients are rewarded with a cerificate, prize medal and ¥5mil. One researcher was chosen for the each Award this year from open recommendation.