Masayuki Hirata

Brain-machine interfaces
Main Lab Location:
Osaka Univ. (Suita Campus)
Other Affiliations:
Specially Appointed Professor Department of Neurological Diagnosis and Restoration Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Global Center for Medical Engineering and Informatics Osaka University
Mailing Address:
2-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan

My research focuses on the brain machine interfaces (BMIs). With this technique, the “thought” of a man can be translated into action. The brain signals obtained with intracranial electrodes are decoded in real-time in order to control robots or computers only by thinking, without using his/her own motor system. Our goal is the clinical application of BMI which support the communication and movements of people with severe motor disabilities such as with tetraplegia or locked-in syndrome.

Selected Publications:

Yan T, Suzuki K, Kameda S, Maeda M, Mihara T, Hirata M. Chronic subdural electrocorticography in nonhuman primates by an implantable wireless device for brain-machine interfaces. Front Neurosci. 2023 Sep 28;17:1260675.

Yan T, Suzuki K, Kameda S, Kuratomi T, Mihara M, Maeda M, Hirata M. Intracranial EEG Recordings of High-Frequency Activity From a Wireless Implantable BMI Device in Awake Nonhuman Primates. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 2023 Apr;70(4):1107-1113.

Hirano R, Emura T, Nakata O, Nakashima T, Asai M, Kagitani-Shimono K, Kishima H, Hirata M. Fully-Automated Spike Detection and Dipole Analysis of Epileptic MEG Using Deep Learning. IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2022 Oct;41(10):2879-2890.

Yan T, Suzuki K, Kameda S, et al. Electrocorticographic effects of acute ketamine on non-human primate brains. J Neural Eng. 2022 Apr 11;19(2).

Maezawa H, Fujimoto M, Hata Y, et al. Functional cortical localization of tongue movements using corticokinematic coherence with a deep learning-assisted motion capture system. Sci Rep. 2022 Jan 10;12(1):388.

Hashimoto H, Takahashi K, Kameda S, et al. Motor and sensory cortical processing of neural oscillatory activities revealed by human swallowing using intracranial electrodes. iScience. 2021 Jun 25;24(7):102786.

Hashimoto H, Takahashi K, Kameda S, et al. Swallowing-related neural oscillation: an intracranial EEG study. Ann Clin Transl Neurol. 2021 Jun;8(6):1224-1238.

Kaiju T, Inoue M, Hirata M,et al High-density mapping of primate digit representations with a 1152-channelµECoG array. J Neural Eng. 2021 Mar 17;18(3).

Yan T, Kameda S, Suzuki K, et al. MinimalTissue Reaction after Chronic Subdural Electrode Implantation for Fully Implantable Brain-Machine Interfaces. Sensors (Basel). 2020 Dec 29;21(1):178.

Kobler RJ, Sburlea AI, Mondini V, et al. Distance- and speed-informed kinematics decoding improves M/EEG based upper-limb movement decoder accuracy. J Neural Eng. 2020 Nov 4;17(5):056027.

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Matsushita K, Hirata M, Suzuki T, et al. A Fully Implantable Wireless ECoG 128-Channel Recording Device for Human Brain-Machine Interfaces: W-HERBS. Front Neurosci. 2018 Jul 30;12:511.

Belkacem AN, Nishio S, Suzuki T, et al. Neuromagnetic Decoding of Simultaneous Bilateral Hand Movements for Multidimensional Brain-Machine Interfaces. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng. 2018 Jun;26(6):1301-1310.

Kaiju T, Doi K, Yokota M, et al. High Spatiotemporal Resolution ECoG Recording of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials with Flexible Micro-Electrode Arrays. Front Neural Circuits. 2017 Apr 11;11:20.

Short Biography:

<Academic appointments>
・Sept. 2003-Sept.2009
Assistant professor, Division of Functional Diagnostic Science, Osaka University Graduate School of   Medicine
・Oct, 2009-Mar, 2016
Associate professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Osaka University Medical School
・April, 2016 –
Endowed Division Professor, Endowed Division of Clinical Neuroengineering, Global Center for Medical Engineering and Information, Osaka University
・April, 2019 –
Specially Appointed Professor, Department of Neurological Diagnosis and Restoration, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

<Academic contribution>
・Past President
International Society for the Advancement of Clinical Magnetoencephalography (ISACM)
・Executive Committee
Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
・Executive Committee
Japan Biomagnetism and Bioelectromagnetics Society
・Board member
Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology
・Executive Committee
Japan BMI Society
・Board member
The Society of Swallowing and Dysphagia of Japan
・Executive Committee
Japan Consortium of Clinical MEG
・Scientific Board
Japan Neurosurgical Society Kink Branchi
・Program Officer
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

2000 Board-Certified Neurosurgeon of the Japan Neurosurgical Society
2006 Board-Certified Clinical Neurophysiologist of Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology
2015 Board-Certified Clinical Epileptologist and Trainer of Japan Epilepsy Society
2017 Board-Certified Trainer of Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology

2020  U.S. National Academy of Medicine, Healthy Longevity Global Competition, International Catalyst Award
2014  Osaka University 3rd Presidential Awards for Achievement
2013  Osaka University 2nd Presidential Awards for Achievement
2012  Mimics Innovation Awards 2012

Announcements / News:

Our implantable BMI was broadcasted by NHK Good Moring Japan.

Our implantable BMI was elected one of 100 technologies that may change the world by Nikkei technological prospect 2022.

Lab Members:

・Masayuki Hirata
・Goichi Beck
・Tianfang Yan
・Yan Liu
・Miyako Asai
・Hitoshi Maezawa
・Hiroaki Hashimoto
・Takuma Nakamura

・Kim Namheon
・Takeru Kuratomi
・Misa Taguchi
・Itsuki Shinohara
・Linguin Liu

・Harumi Takamura
・Keiko Kawamura
・Kyoko Koezuka
・Kaho Issiki