Ryohei Nakayama

Main Lab Location:

CiNet (Main bldg.)

Specific Research Topic:

Visual psychophysics

Other Affiliations:

Visiting Researcher, The University of Sydney

Mailing Address:

2-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan


ryohei.nakayama at


The vivid experience of illusory phenomena imply that the way we perceive the physical world is not as it is.

My research addresses how perception is achieved in the brain despite diverse sensory information, with a particular focus on the perception of moving stimuli. Using psychophysical analyses, for instance, we have recently found that visual system is sensitive to rapid acceleration of moving stimuli, and that periodic processing of sensory information underlies the subjective sense of temporal continuity.

Following on from this, we are now trying to understand the relationship between periodic processing and binding of cross-modular information.

Selected Publications:

Nakayama, R., Motoyoshi, I., & Sato, T. (2018). Discretized Theta-Rhythm Perception Revealed by Moving Stimuli. Scientific Reports, 8, 5682. Nakayama, R., & Motoyoshi, I. (2017). Sensitivity to Acceleration in the Human Early Visual System. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 925.