Makoto Fukushima

Main Lab Location:

CiNet (Main bldg.)

Specific Research Topic:

Connectomics, Network Science, Neuroimaging



Mailing Address:

2-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan


mfukushi at


My research focuses on network analysis of connectivity in the brain, with a particular emphasis on characterizing temporal fluctuations in network properties of brain functional connectivity using graph theoretical analysis and computational modeling. I am also interested in examining network properties of brain structural connectivity in the context of information networking and utilizing this knowledge to improve the performance of information network systems.

Selected Publications:

Fukushima, M., Sporns, O, Comparison of fluctuations in global network topology of modeled and empirical brain functional connectivity, PLOS Computational Biology,
vol. 14, no. 9, e1006497, 2018.

Fukushima, M., Betzel, R.F., He, Y., van den Heuvel, M.P., Zuo, X.N., Sporns, O., Structure-function relationships during segregated and integrated network states of human brain functional connectivity, Brain Structure and Function,
vol. 223, no. 3, pp. 1091-1106, 2018.

Fukushima, M., Betzel, R.F., He, Y., de Reus, M.A., van den Heuvel, M.P., Zuo, X.N., Sporns, O., Fluctuations between high- and low-modularity topology in time-resolved functional connectivity, NeuroImage,
vol. 180, pp. 406-416, 2018.

Fukushima, M., Yamashita, O., Knoesche, T.R., Sato, M., MEG source reconstruction based on identification of directed source interactions on whole-brain anatomical networks, NeuroImage,
vol. 105, pp. 408-427, 2015.

Fukushima, M., Yamashita, O., Kanemura, A., Ishii, S., Kawato, M., Sato, M., A state-space modeling approach for localization of focal current sources from MEG, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering,
vol. 59, no. 6, pp. 1561-1571, 2012.