Yusuke Yokota

Main Lab Location:
CiNet (Kobe)
Specific Research Topic:
EEG/MEG Signal Processing, Modeling and Equipment Development
Mailing Address:
588-2, Iwaoka, Iwaoka-cho, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyougo 651-2492, Japan

My research focuses on the development of new communication systems using brain recording techniques in naturalistic environments.

For example, I am investigating the effects of human workload in various conditions and tasks. Our workload is constantly changing throughout our daily life. If we can quantitatively measure the degree of the workload in the brain, we can develop monitoring systems – for example for drivers or pilots. We could also quantify the risk of behaviors, such as texting while walking or driving.

From a technical perspective, I am developing an electroencephalography device and working to establish the environment for easy measurement of brain activity during our daily life.

Selected Publications:

Yokota Y, Naruse Y. Phase coherence of auditory steady-state response reflects the amount of cognitive workload in a modified N-back task. Neuroscience Research. 100, 39-45 (2015)

Yokota Y, Igarashi Y, Okada M, Naruse Y. Estimation of the reaction times in tasks of varying difficulty from the phase coherence of the auditory steady-state response using the least absolute shrinkage and selection operator analysis. IEEE, 6662-6666 (2015)

Yokota Y, Minami T, Naruse Y, Nakauchi S. Neural processes in pseudo perceptual rivalry: An ERP and time-frequency approach. Neuroscience. 271:20, 35-44 (2014)