Hiroshi Ando

Main Lab Location:

CiNet (Main bldg.)

Specific Research Topic:

Brain-machine Interface Technology





Mailing Address:

1-4 Yamadaoka, Suita City Osaka, 565-0871


h.ando at

My research focuses on a hardware system development for fully-implantable wireless brain-machine interfaces (BMI) which can record multi-channel neural signals (more than 1000ch).

It is important for BMI systems to have a large number of recording channels to achieve accurate prediction of movement intentions or complex movements. We aim to realize an easy-to-use BMI with improved prediction accuracy, and understand mechanisms of the brain through the development of multi-channel BMI systems. The realization of BMI for clinical applications is also an important objective in our research.

Our BMI systems under development include several components such as an electrode, a neural recording LSI, a wireless data transmitter, a wireless power receiver, a rechargeable battery, a hermetic case and so on. My research mainly focuses on neural recording LSI and wireless data transmision, and recently we have been developing a 4096-ch BMI prototype system using Ultra-wide band (UWB) wireless high data-rate (51.2Mbps) transmitter.