Yoshichika Yoshioka

Functional Imaging Technologies
Main Lab Location:
CiNet (Main bldg.)
Other Affiliations:
Professor Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences Osaka University
Mailing Address:
4-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871

My lab’s main interest is to develop visualization techniques to unveil the functions of integrated biological systems such as neural and immune systems. Application of innovative imaging technologies for neurosciences as well as other fields is important to understand dynamic biological functions in humans.

One of the foci of our research is noninvasive visualization of crosstalk among neural, immune and endocrine systems. These systems relate with each other closely by direct pathways and/or via humoral factors. This correlation is very important for not only brain function but also psychiatric state, emotion, learning, growth, maturation, immunity, homeostasis, and so on. Noninvasive techniques are desirable to identify the real crosstalk among them because these systems are influenced easily by several experimental maneuvers.

In particular, magnetic resonance provides diverse information about anatomy, function and metabolism in humans and animals. We have been trying to develop high-resolution, non-invasive and repeatable new functional imaging techniques with ultra high-field magnetic resonance scanners.

Our two 11.7 T ultra high-field MR scanners (at CiNet and IFReC) for small animals and a 7.0 T (at CiNet) scanner for humans can provide high resolution and high specific information of biological systems. Our recent progress of MRI technologies in humans can allow us to image human brain temperatures noninvasively and to estimate the dynamical brain energy changes during activations at physiological conditions. In animal studies, we can visualize the dynamical immune responses and the immune cell migrations at a single cell level in situ.

Join us to visualize the integrated functions of humans anyone could not see!!

Selected Publications:


Takahashi Y, Kioka H, Fukuhara S, Kuribayashi S, Saito S, Asano Y, Takashima S, Yoshioka Y, Sakata Y. Visualization of Spatial Distribution of Spermatogenesis in Mouse Testes Using Creatine Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Imaging. J Magn Reson Imaging 2021; in press.

Matsuura H, Onishi M, Yoshioka Y, Togami Y, Hosomi S, Uemura Y, Ebihara T, Shimizu K, Ogura H, Shimazu T. Original experimental rat model of blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury: a pilot study. Brain Injury 2021; 35(3): 368-381.

Takahashi Y, Kioka H, Saito S, Fukuhara S, Asano Y, Takashima S, Yoshioka Y, Sakata Y. Accurate Estimation of the Duration of Testicular Ischemia Using Creatine Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CrCEST) Imaging. J Magn Reson Imaging 2021; 53(5): 1559-1567.


Fujiwara S, Mori Y, de la Mora DM, Akamatsu Y, Yoshida K, Shibata Y, Masuda T, Ogasawara K, Yoshioka Y. Feasibility of IVIM parameters from diffusion-weighted imaging at 11.7T MRI for detecting ischemic changes in common carotid artery occlusion rats. Sci Rep 2020; 10(1): 8404.

Murota H, Kotobuki Y, Yamaga K, Yoshioka Y. Female child with hematidrosis of the palm: Case report and published work review. J Dermatology 2020; 47(2), 166-168.

Takahashi Y, Saito S, Kioka H, Araki R, Asano Y, Takashima S, Sakata Y, Yoshioka Y. Mouse Skeletal Muscle Creatine Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CrCEST) Imaging at 11.7 T-MRI. J Magn Reson Imaging 2020; 51: 563-570.


Hyuga T, Suzuki K, Acebedo AR, Hashimoto D, Kajimoto M, Miyagawa S, Enmi J, Yoshioka Y, Yamada G. Regulatory roles of epithelial-mesenchymal interaction (EMI) during early and androgen dependent external genitalia development. Differentiation 2019; 110: 29-35.

Tanoue M, Saito S, Takahashi Y, Araki R, Hashido T, Kioka H, Sakata Y, Yoshioka Y. Amide proton transfer imaging of glioblastoma, neuroblastoma, and breast cancer cells on a 11.7 T magnetic resonance imaging system. Mag Reson Imaging 2019; 62: 181-190.

Yajima S, Miyagawa S, Fukushima S, Sakai Y, Iseoka H, Harada A, Isohashi K, Horitsugi G, Mori Y, Shiokzaki M, Okawara T, Sakaniwa R, Hatazawa J, Yoshioka Y, Sawa Y. Prostacyclin Analog-Loaded Nanoparticles Attenuate Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Rats. JACC: Basic to Translational Science 2019; 4: 318-331.


Hosomi S, Watabe T, Mori Y, Koyama Y, Adachi S, Hoshi N, Ohnishi M, Ogura H, Yoshioka Y, Hatazawa J, Yamashita T, Shimazu T. Inflammatory projections after focal brain injury trigger neuronal network disruption: An ¹⁸F-DPA714 PET study in mice. NeuroImage: Clinical 2018; 20: 946-954.

Maruyama K, Takayama Y, Sugisawa E, Yamanoi Y, Yokawa T, Kondo T, Ishibashi K, Sahoo BR, Takemura N, Mori Y, Kanemaru H, Kumagai Y, Martino MM, Yoshioka Y, Nishijo H, Tanaka H, Sasaki A, Ohno N, Iwakura Y, Moriyama Y, Nomura M, Akira S, Tominaga M. The ATP Transporter VNUT Mediates Induction of Dectin-1-Triggered Candida Nociception. iScience 2018; 6: 306-318.

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Tsutsui S, Nanba T, Yoshioka Y, Sasaki M, Fujiwara S, Kobayashi M, Yoshida K, Miyoshi K, Sato S, Ogasawara K. Preoperative brain temperature imaging on proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy predicts hemispheric ischemia during carotid endarterectomy for unilateral carotid stenosis with inadequate collateral blood flow.
Neurological Research, 2018; 40(8): 617-623.

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Kaito T, Morimoto T, Mori Y, Kanayama S, Makino T, Takenaka S, Sakai Y, Otsuru S, Yoshioka Y, Yoshikawa H. BMP-2/7 heterodimer strongly induces bone regeneration in the absence of increased soft tissue inflammation. Spine J 2018; 18(1): 139-146.

Saito S, Tanoue M, Masuda K, Mori Y, Nakatani S, Yoshioka Y, Murase K. Longitudinal observations of progressive cardiac dysfunction in a cardiomyopathic animal model by self-gated cine imaging based on 11.7-T magnetic resonance imaging.
Sci Rep 2017; 7(1): 9106.

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Short Biography:

1983 Dr Sci in Physical Chemistry, Osaka University
1984 Assistant Professor, Physiology, Iwate Medical University
1988 Lecturer, Physiology, Iwate Medical University
2004 Lecturer, High Field MRI Research Institute, Iwate Medical University
2007 Associate Professor, High Field MRI Research Institute, Iwate Medical University
2008 Professor, Immunology Frontier Research Center (WPI-IFReC), Osaka University

Announcements / News:

The 46th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Toxicology “Excellent Poster Award” [Quantitation of Fat in Fatty Liver Disease Model Rats Using 11.7 T 1H-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy]
Yuka Yoshino, Yuta Fujii, Yuki Yoshizawa, yasuaki Uematsu, Aya Nakae, Jjunichiro Enmi, Yoshichika Yoshioka, Izuru Miyawaki (June 26-28, 2019)

The 61st Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Radiological Technology Kinki Chapter “Young Investigator Award” [Detection of brain metabolites in accelerated senescence mice using 11.7 T MRI]
Saki Izumi, Shigeyoshi Saito, Yoshichika Yoshioka
(June 2, 2018)

The 2nd Annual Scientific Meeting of ISMRM Japanese Chapter “Best Poster Award” [Assessment of Brain Metabolites in SAMP10 mice with 11.7 T MRI]
Saki Izumi, Shigeyoshi Saito, Yoshichika Yoshioka
(Feb. 22, 2018)

The 8th Annual Scientific Symposium of Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance “The First Prize”
[Quantitative four-dimensional tracking of individual immune cells in living mouse brain with 11.7T preclinical MRI scanner]
Mori Y, de la Mora DM, Jin T, Yoshioka Y.
(June 30, 2017)

The 1st Annual Scientific Meeting of ISMRM Japanese Chapter “Best Poster Award”
[Assessment of Multiple Schlerosis Model Mice with Nano Magnetic Particles]
Ting Chen, Yuki Mori, Chizuko Inui, Koji Ohno, Yoshichika Yoshioka
(Feb. 23, 2017)

The 44th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine “Highest Poster Award”
[Four-dimensional in vivo MRI for tracking individual immune cells in mouse brain]
Yuki Mori, Daniela Martinez de la Mora, Atsuki Tashita, Syoji Kobashi, Ikuhiro Kida, Yutaka Hata, YoshichikaYoshioka
(Sep. 10, 2016)

The 43rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine “Best Poster Award”
[Development of DWI thermometry at for Brain Temperature Measurements]
Shunrou Fujiwara, Yoshichika Yoshioka, Tsuyoshi Matsuda, Hideaki Nishimoto, Hisataka Murakami, Akira Ogawa, Kuniaki Ogasawara, Takaki Beppu.
(Sep. 11, 2015)

The 43rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine “Highest Poster Award”
[Assessment of Lupus Nephritis with SPIO]
Ting Chen, Yuki Mori, Zhenyu Cheng, Soyoung Lee, Barry Ripley, Chuzo Kishimoto, Chizuko Inui, Yoshiyuki Tago, Shinichi Yoshida, Koji Ohno, Yoshichika Yoshioka
(Sep. 11, 2015)

Lab Members:

・Junichiro Enmi
・Kiyoshi Matsumura
・Miho Nakanishi
・Shunrou Fujiwara
・Tomokazu Tsurugizawa

・Yuta Fujii
・Yuka Yoshino