Principal investigators

Hiroshi Ando

Multisensory Cognition and Computation

Main Lab Location:

NICT (Keihanna)

Other Affiliations:

Guest Professor, Osaka University





Mailing Address:

3-5 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, 619-0289


h-ando at

Our research aims at clarifying human brain and cognitive mechanisms of multisensory perception including visual, auditory, somatosensory and olfactory information processing, and developing new techniques for quantitatively measuring the synergetic effects of multisensory information.

Investigation of human multisensory information processing leads to deep understanding of fundamental principles underlying how humans adapt to the complex environment through various sensory organs. The research also provides valuable insights into the development of future information and communication technologies that enhance users’ sense of naturalness and reality.

We have conducted psychophysical and brain activity imaging experiments to investigate human mechanisms of material and surface quality perception, 3D visual and auditory perception, visually induced self-motion, various interactions among visual, auditory, proprioceptive and olfactory information.

We are also applying our findings and quantitative evaluation technologies to the real-world conditions, such as remote operation of robots and construction machines using multisensory information, and human factors in 3D visual and auditory display systems, for global standardization of safe and secure media technologies.

Selected Publications:

Nishino, Y., Kim, D. W., Liu, J. and Ando, H. Psychophysical analysis of the effects of olfactory information on human haptic perception. Transactions of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan (2014) (in press)

Callan, A., Callan, D. and Ando, H. Neural correlates of sound externalization, NeuroImage, Vol.66, pp.22-27 (2013)

Sakano, Y. and Ando, H. Effects of head motion and stereo viewing on perceived glossiness. Journal of Vision, Vol.10, No.9, pp.1-14 (2010)

Lab Members:

Akiko Callan
Juan Liu
Yuichi Sakano
Eiji Nawa
・Yurie Nishino
・Yoshiaki Tsushima
・Joachimczak Michal