Ai Koizumi

Main Lab Location:

CiNet (Main bldg.)

Specific Research Topic:

Visual and affective neuroscience



Mailing Address:

1-4 Yamadaoka, Suita City, Osaka, 565-0871, Japan


aikoizumi at / bellkoizumi at


My research aims to understand how individual differences in perception emerge.  Especially,  I focus on the subjective aspects of visual perception such as metacognition and affective reaction to visual inputs.

Individualdifferences approach can not only elucidate the mechanisms underlying perception but also give insights to the mechanisms underlying the development of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders.

In my past research,  I examined the characteristics in perception among individuals who were at higher risk of developing mental disorders due to their genotypes, personality traits, or brain anatomical volumes.

Recently, we have been using fMRI neurofeedback to modify some of such perceptual characteristics potentially related with mental disorders. For example,  we have conducted experiments to modify excessive fearful response to certain visual inputs or to modify visual awareness.   We aim to conduct further basic research in the hope to translate research findings to clinical applications such as PTSD treatment.

Selected Publications:

Koizumi, A., Amano, K., Cortese, A., Shibata, K., Yoshida, W., Seymour, B., Kawato, M., & Lau, H. (2016).
Fear reduction without fear through reinforcement of neural activity that bypasses conscious exposure.
Nature Human Behaviour, 1:0006.

Koizumi, A., Lau, H., Mobbs, D. (2016).
Is fear perception special? Evidence at the level of decision-making and subjective confidence.
Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci.11(11):1772-1782

Cortese A, Amano K, Koizumi A, Kawato M, Lau H. (2016).
Multivoxel neurofeedback selectively modulates confidence without changing perceptual performance.
Nature Communications. 2016 Dec 15;7:13669.