Principal investigators

Masayuki Hirata

Brain-machine interfaces

Main Lab Location:

Osaka Univ. (Suita Campus)

Other Affiliations:

Global Center for Medical Engineering and Informatics
Osaka University

Departmeny of Neurosurgery
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

Member of the Executive Committee
Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering

Member of the Executive Committee
Japan Biomagnetism and Bioelectromagnetics Society

Councilor of Neurosurgical BMI Forum





Mailing Address:

2-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan



My research focuses on the brain machine interfaces (BMIs). With this technique, the “thought” of a man can be translated into action. The brain signals obtained with intracranial electrodes are decoded in real-time in order to control robots or computers only by thinking, without using his/her own motor system. Our goal is the clinical application of BMI which support the communication and movements of people with severe motor disabilities such as with tetraplegia or locked-in symdrome.

Selected Publications:

Sugata H, Hirata M, Yanagisawa T, et al (2016) Common neural correlates of real and imagined movements contributing to the performance of brain–machine interfaces. Sci Rep 6: 24663

Shayne M, Hirata M, Sugata H, et al (2015) Patient specific cortical electrodes for sulcal and gyral implantation. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 62(4):1034-41

Kageyama Y, Hirata M, Yanagisawa T, et al (2014) Severely affected ALS patients have broad and high expectations for brain-machine interfaces. Amyotroph Lateral Scler Frontotemporal Degener 15(7-8):513-9

Yanagisawa T, Yamashita O, Hirata M, et al (2012) Regulation of motor representation by phase-amplitude coupling in the sensorimotor cortex. J Neurosci 32:15467-15475.

Yanagisawa T, Hirata M, Saitoh Y, et al (2012) Electrocorticographic control of a prosthetic arm in paralyzed patients. Ann Neurol 71:353-361.

Hirata M, Matsushita K, Suzuki T, et al (2011) A fully-implantable wireless system for human brain-machine interfaces using brain surface electrodes: W-HERBS. IEICE Trans Commun E94-B:2448-2453.

Short Biography:

<Academic appointments>
Sept. 2003-Sept.2009
Assistant professor, Division of Functional Diagnostic Science, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Oct, 2009-Mar, 2016
Associate professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Osaka University Medical School
April, 2016 -
Endowed Division Professor, Endowed Division of Clinical Neuroengineering, Global Center for Medical Engineering and Information, Osaka University
2000 Certification of a Neurosurgeon from The Japan Neurosurgical Society
2004 Certification of a Neuroendovascular Surgeon from The Japanese Society for Neuroendovascular Treatment
2006 Certification of a Clinical Neurophysiologist from Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology
2015 Certification of a Clinical Epileptologist from Japan Epilepsy Society
2012     Mimics Innovation Awards 2012
2013     Osaka University 2nd Presidential Awards for Achievement
2014     Osaka University 3rd Presidential Awards for Achievement

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Lab Members:

Toshiki Yoshimine
・Noriaki Hattori
Seiji Kameda
Hiroki Hamanaka
Takufumi Yanagisawa
・Fumiaki Yoshida
・Palmer Jason Allan
Abdelkader N Belkacem
・Hiroaki Hashimoto
・Yosuke Fujimoto
・Xin He
・Namhon Kim

・Izumi Kawaguchi
・Yoshiko Takeuchi
・Yuko Ishitobi
・Yumiko Miyahara
・Kumiko Fukunaga
・Miyako Hirao